My Favourite Posts


As I post more and more, most of  my earlier posts will be lost into the ether of the blogosphere.

I thought I would link to some of the posts I have wrote which personally mean the most to me, or that have had a good response from others, so that new readers can see where I am coming from and what my thoughts are.

Remebering Originally published 31/12/08

Dom the Bomb Originally published 18/01/09

ECG Geek (Pt 1) Originally published 21/01/09

Scary Babies Originally published 25/01/09

Privaldeged Originally published 06/02/09

A Successful Resus Originally published 08/02/09

The Handover (1) Originally Published 27/02/09

Simple Pleasure Originally published 01/03/09

Psych ER Originally published 15/03/09

The little touches Originally published 19/03/09

The death of a child Originally published 26/03/09

Suicide Originally published 31/03/09


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