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  1. Howdy!

    Yes, EMS is on strike here in British Columbia, but as they are deemed an “essential service” (yet, strangely only when they threaten to strike) they are forbidden to actually walk off the job by the govt.

    So, this means that all of the part-time staff are not allowed to go to work (by EHS decree) but full time staff must show..and for being forced to work they get O.T for all their hours.

    Thus, the part-timers are getting screwed as usual and the full timers are run ragged right now. The decrease in staff means less cars to respond….except in the districts that have > numbers of full timers…so those places are responding to calls all over the place.

    It is really quite a dangerous situation as some of the responders have had to travel >100kms to a code 3 call.

    The nurses are in strong support of the strike here because we see how poorly EHS is treated by the govt. Bad hours, benefits, standby pay, holidays, staffing, etc.

    So…yeah…that is what I know about it in a nutshell (a nutshell is clearly large enough to contain what I know 🙂



  2. Hi Mark

    Any news on your article?

  3. Hello from New York City. Great website. Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

  4. Hi Mark, not a bad site. Please tell me Sandra didn’t fall for the “I’m in pain, it will stop the sting and i won’t tell anyone” speach.
    Anyhow I thought that you were going to learn how to dive? less chance of a sting through a wetsuit.

  5. Cute face – can't comment on video content, I wasn't concentrating!!!

  6. Errr (blush!)…..Thank you.Its amazing what a camera can do these days!

    • Thats a pretty sharp and eloquent answer there Mark! Very humble. I would agree with her though….pretty sharp looking fella on the tele.

  7. Cute face – can't comment on video content, I wasn't concentrating!!!

  8. Errr (blush!)…..Thank you.Its amazing what a camera can do these days!

  9. I love what you guy’s and girls are doing I wish we can get the word out to the public more. I live in a unique situation with my parent’s of mid 70’s (age) in a active community. I some how became the ems clinic man to call here by word of mouth (parent’s) . EMS here is a little behind in what I am use to, but I seen the ambulance come in at least 4 times or more a day. I told my parent’s it seems like this is God’s waiting room for you people. They laughed and said we know who to call when we need some help. I thought I have been away from them to long and not educated them to much in the past. So they started telling me of there friends medical problems and most minor they were. I said they need to cal 911 everytime there knee hurts or they are peeeing to much. Most of them are what we call snow birds and think they will get better care then were they are from, the big Florida EMS misunderstanding as usual. So I for some reason (parents) became the local (Doc in The Box). That became ok it is EMS 2.0 in effect. But my phone never stops and it could be crossing lines in a way. The fact is I talk to a couple of medics from here and they said there call volume went down for BS calls here. But my call volume went up. I am now trying to educate these people and my parents of what you are doing and I get the response of yeh ok but we can still call 911 and get a ride. I try to tell them you don’t unless it is a real emergency. Again I am talking to the elderly who are set in there way that we are there for transport. But then they look at me and say becuase I have become personel with them and helped them with medication, injury (minor) and small problems they say” you were an ambulance driver oh my”. I thought you were a doctor isn’t that what a Paramedic is, I say no we are Paramedics who occasionaly drive the ambulance if were tired.

  10. As one of the co-founders of the UK’s only Ambulance Momorial located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire I find your comments harsh and totally uninformed.

    Stafforshire Ambulance was the only Service to donate any money towards it, most came from Business sponsorship and the rest from Retired Associations or individuals making small contributions.

    We are holding our third National Remembrance Service on Thursday 16th September 2010 in the NMA Chapel of Peace and then reading the ‘Roll of Honour’ in the Ambulance Garden of Remembrance (all known personnel who have actually died whilst on duty) to which all Chiefs Ambulance Officers have been invited – only two have even bothered to reply, ?? is that the problem, no in-house support. I can assure you it is, I had always hoped we could match the other Services in this area but for what ever reason the vast majority of staff and Managers are not interested or prepared to give any support of any kind.

  11. Real shame to see you having to stop doing this. Not much more to be said really.

  12. hay can someone tell me how to get on the london uk ambulance, i live in whitefield NH usa and i want to move to london and be a medic so if you can help me and tell me some places that i can get an apartment in london uk,i would thank you.

  13. What does a in medical terms “mechanical fall” mean?
    Thank you,

  14. i am not in the medical profession i am a nursery nurse and so see things from the other side i think you have to remember you did your best and the mum will be thankful  that you cared and treated her son with care and compassion . not all Ambulance staff are like you . 

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