Chronicles of EMS

This is now the home of all things Chronicles of EMS on my blog page. The side bar was getting decidedly cluttered over on the main page so I thought I would start to move some of the CoEMS stuff to its own home in here.

If you have been reading this blog for more than the last couple of weeks, then you will already know all about what started of as ‘The Project’ with Justin (aka The Happy Medic) and I, and what quickly turned into The Chronicles of EMS after Thadeus Setla became involved.

You can look below at our Flickr Account for photographs taken during my time in San Francisco last November, then when Justin came and worked with me in Newcastle upon Tyne.

And some of our behind the scenes You Tube Videos?

Much more can be found at the main website for the Chronicles of EMS. Click here to go and have a look

And dont forget to wear your CoEMS T-Shirt with pride oe buy your phone or laptop stickers :

#CoEMS phone $2.00
#CoEMS large $3.00
Chronicles of EMS laptop $5.00


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