Posted by: medicblog999 | February 20, 2011

Almost a good bye

As I am sure that you have noticed, the frequency of my posting is not that great at the moment.

If you have been following me on twitter, you will know that it has been a particularly tough couple of months with one thing or another, which hasnt exactly put me in the writing frame of mind.

However, the main reason for me not blogging is that I am not in a good place at the moment with my work. I have a lot of frustrations, with my role and what is happening to the ambulance service as a whole at the moment.

I have wrote a number of posts recently which will never see the light of day on the internet. I have always said this wouldnt be a negative blog and I would never do anything to harm the relationships with my employers, even though my concerns are bigger than just my service.

I have been thinking of ending the blog again. This time on my terms, with no outside influence from management.

I keep putting off because I know how I felt last time, and how much I missed blogging and communicating with you all. There is a difference this time though.

As I have been posting less and less, I have not been missing it.

That may have something to do with amount of Uni work that is getting in the way of me having a normal life (but, to be honest, I am really enjoying the challenge of the MSc), but I cant help but feel that the drive of the blog has gone away.

So….I am going to ponder over the next few weeks before making my decision. If it goes, it wont be coming back this time, and I am not writing this to get the flood of wonderful comments that came the last time the blog went on ‘hiatus’, I just thought you guys should know.


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  2. I support your decision whatever it is, what you have given me personally, and EMS as a whole can’t be put in to words and will be something I will always value.
    If I had to vote, I’d vote keep blogging when you have time, and if it’s month in between posts, then that’s how it is. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more posts. Good luck with everything you have going on.

  3. I’m sure that this will be echoed numerous times when we say that your audience and fans will support your decision whole-heartedly. Your blog has been a wonderful insight into your work and into your soul at times. That said, it must be something that you want to do. Stay safe and we support you!

  4. Do what you have to do Mark.

    It has been my pleasure to do a couple of guest posts for you but that is nothing compared to the pleasure and insight you have given me reading your posts.

    If you do decide to call it a day I wish you all the best.


  5. mark it is up to you i have found good thing to read here , a friend and as a friend i m telling you do as you feel , sure i will miss it but steal can get to you in other way ! take the time you need and the thing you decided will stand , like you said this tie it is yours

  6. Mark,
    As the others have said, you will be missed. Your blog (along with a few others) brought me out of a pretty bad case of burnout and made me realize how much I love this job. Thank you and good luck with everything.

  7. Mark, Greatly enjoy your blog. However, I can totally sympathize with your difficulties with blog posting — I too am in a dry spell due to work-work & real-life — don’t know your reasons, don’t need to know your reasons, just do what’s right for you and your family. You will be missed. Take care & best wishes! Nora

  8. We love you, Mark but you have to do what feels right. I hope you’ll continue to be a part of th #CoEMS team! Sam

  9. Each of us have a finite amount of energy, drive and resources to do what we want to do.

    Your contributions will be missed here.

    I know that the Uni work and MSc studies are important and will also have a postive impact on EMS.

    Good luck in which ever direction you take.


  10. Mark, do what you need to do to keep you and your family ok and in the right place. As others have said, anything you continue to do will have a positive impact on this job we do, so just go ahead and do it. Good luck with whatever you do.

  11. hope everything is ok

  12. If you stop blogging forever, I will be sad, but thankful for the several insights I received from reading you.

    What’s wrong with another hiatus? Why not stop for now, and if things are better or if you are more inspired to write in a year, come on back. I’ll keep checking back, that’s for sure.


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