Posted by: medicblog999 | February 13, 2011

Its a CoEMS Birthday!

Has it really been a year?

I woke up this morning, rolled onto my side, reached over a still sleeping junior999 and grabbed my iphone. As is my usual morning routine, I try to keep little one asleep as long as possible, so rather than get out of bed I lie quietly reading through the latest blog posts around the EMS Blogosphere.

First stop is always ‘The Happy Medic”, and today I was reminded of exactly where I was this time one year ago.

Just a fraction over a year ago, Justin, Ted and I were standing in a function room of the Hotel Frank in San Francisco hoping that we would have a good turnout for the first ever showing of our unique look at the San Francsico Fire Department. A fly on the wall documentary taking a different approach than those before, looking at American EMS from the outside as well as the more standard approach just following medics around. This time there was a Brit in a green jump suit thrown in there as well.

The Chronicles of EMS Episode 1 was finally here!. Our followers on twitter and facebook had been hounding us since we shared snippets whilst filming in the previous November, but now everyone had the chance to see Teds vision in all of its glory.

It is still fairly surreal thinking back to that night. Justin and I mingling with those who came to be part of the premiere in person; my hi-vis jacket and Justins Turnout coat on the back of two chairs; Justin and Teds family and friends and EMS Professionals and leaders from various parts of America came together on that night.

I have memories that will last a lifetime from that night!

A year has now passed.

I managed to stay an active part of the team for a number of months afterwards, but reality set in and the strain on my family and the strain on the (non existant) budget of me tooing and froing across the Atlantic soon became evident. It was time for me to step back and watch Ted and Justin move things forward.

Although our original vision of travelling the world to visiting other EMS systems and share best practices never came to fruition, The Chronicles of EMS has now evolved into something larger that I ever thought possible.

Ted and Justin never sit still it seems, and what stated over a year ago now has become something much more.

Chronicles of EMS has now become the ‘umbrella title’ for just part of Teds vision. The show is now called ‘Beyond the Lights and Sirens’, and is now only a small part of the new  ‘First Responders Network TV’ (soon to be launched). There is much, much more on the horizon from the chaps, and for those details, pop over to Justins blog and have a read.

I am so proud of what I was part of, but equally proud to sit on the other side of the Atlantic and see what is becoming of it all!

Although it is the first birthday of the showing of Beyond the Lights and Sirens, it is also interestingly only 3 days away from the 2nd anniversary of the birth of the whole thing!!

On the 18th February 2009, I sent this email to Justin :

“I know this is very early doors, but I am looking at the possibility of coming over to the states to work/observe for a week with a paramedic crew next summer. My employers are really keen and are probably going to fund it and there may also be a chance for some filming too. Is this something that you may be interested in, along with a visit over to the UK for a week afterwards to work with me and my crews??

No committment needed, just gauging opinion at the moment.”

Justins response was typically shy and modest!

“I would of course be interested in both bringing you along and seeing first hand how you handle things.

Obviously it’s in the early stages, but I’m so totally better than any other people they have in mind.  hehehe

I’m on the west coast if they need someone in that vein”

And that is how it all started!

Happy Birthday CoEMS!


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  2. Mark, don’t ever feel you’re not still a major part of this just because you’re across the pond. It only means (for now) that opportunities to come over here are limited. That will change down the road. Your influence is still a big part of this project and you are spoken of often and with fondness. – Sam

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