Posted by: medicblog999 | February 7, 2011

Its child’s play!

As I stand ironing Mrs999s clothes for tomorrow morning, I half hear pre-school999 and olderbrother999 playing in the hallway. It appears that they want to go upstairs and play on the xbox together (which in reality means that poor olderbrother999 will have to settle for whatever pre-school999 wants to do instead of getting his time in on Call Of Duty).

As they head off up the stairs I hear a bang and then the frantic screams of my youngest.

Knowing him as I do, I have a fair idea that he has tried to push past his older brother in a effort to get to the stairs in first place and win yet another dash to the top of the stairs. As he takes the inside line around the corner his toes have collided with the edge of the hallway wall and he has crumpled to the floor.

Having done this a number of times myself when trying to escape from the wrath of Mrs999, I am aware of the sheer agony that only males can experience (no, we are not all soft lumps, we just have a genetic disposition for experiencing higher levels of pain than the female of the species)

As I drop down to the floor and start rubbing said offsprings toes whilst gently soothing his pain away, he continues to scream and cry and tell me how much it hurts. After removing his sock just to ensure there is no horrible deformity to be seen, or nails hanging off, I quickly jump to technique number two.

“Quick!! He’s going to beat you upstairs!! Last one up smells of poo!”

He is on his feet in a millisecond and bounds off up the stairs giggling all the way.

Job done.

Which left me with just one thought…..

How much easier would our jobs be we could utilize this technique in some of our patient groups??

(insert your own vivid picture here, then share with the group!)


  1. I often think of the following when I’m attending a call that presents with a person who is perfectly capable of walking but instead chooses to pretend they can’t:

    If your house spontaneously combusted


    Free £50 notes were being given away outside

    They’d be off & running…

    Funny that!


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rhiannon Mae Bluemel, InsomniacMedic. InsomniacMedic said: Its child’s play! via @ukmedic999 […]

  3. Quick, your friend is going to beat you to the bar…last one there is not getting a drink.

  4. My four year old falls for that one everytime as well… Or our favourite ” is that a police car going past”.

  5. Ouchhhh, poor chap, my son (whos now 27!) was always getting in to scrapes, after one injury i sat with him, while he was having treatment, told him he was a brave lad and i would be with a cd, next time was a worse injury, and had quite a few stitches, he remembered the last time, and said this is worth 2 cds mum!! with all his injuries we was nearly bankrupt!
    now hes a lifeguard and first aider for holiday parks, patching up other kids injuries, wonder if they get cds?? take care all x

  6. Our 2 year old bumped his head the other day and decided the hair dryer made it feel better. I agree, if only it were that easy with the rest of our patients.

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