Posted by: medicblog999 | November 4, 2010

Just Imagine……

This could well be my shortest ever post….

Can you imagine what you would do if you were sent to “Elderly male stuck on floor, cant get up”, and he actually was ‘stuck’ to the floor?????

No, this didnt happen, but it is one of those thoughts that just popped into my mind and made me giggle.

That is all.


  1. heyy it is the smallest one but steal i have the image

  2. From your title I was expecting some deep, John Lennon, what if people only called 911/999 when it was really an emergency, what if we had the respect we felt we deserved…. But this was good too!

  3. Get the fire brigade to cut up the floor around him, then he’s essentially ready packaged (and immobilised if that were necessary) for you to move.

  4. laugh my arse off for hours (like now just thinkin abt it), seriously tho just cut their clothes off problem solved

  5. The firefighter in me says just cut the floor! OF course there are better options that will not ruin the property. If it’s just elmer’s glue there are non toxic solvents that will help. If it is loctite or crazy glue, then you might have a bit of an issue.

  6. Alex, I’ll take random thoughts for $1000.

    Funny though.

  7. we’d struggle in the LAS as we dont have scrapers iin our response kits

  8. lol awesome! not gonna lie, I’d probably piss myself laughing

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