Posted by: medicblog999 | November 2, 2010

An AMAZING commercial!

One of my online friends, Nick, sent me a link today.

He volunteers for St John Ambulance, providing first aid and ambulance aid to his local community and asked that I share a link to a video commercial that the organisation has produced about the importance of learning first aid.

I started the video and it wasnt long before the chill went down my spine.

To St John Ambulance – You guys did an amazing job! I wish our services could do something as good as that!

To Nick – Thanks for taking the time to share the video. I am very happy to post it on the blog and I am sure that it will do the rounds around the other blogs too!

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’’%5D


  1. Excellent ad St John folks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an amazing commercial… Love the cinematography here, they made it all feel so real

  3. Mark, thanks for sharing the link with everyone and thanks for your kind comments about St John Ambulance.


  4. Brilliant. It’s some years since I left the service, and you might say I’m far more motivated in taking that refresher course now. As the girl is about the same age as my granddaughter, I suspect there will be a block booking.

    Thanks Mark, and St John Ambulance Service.

  5. The UK seems to have much better commercials (or public service announcements). You guys have this and the texting PSA… we have that stupid gecko selling insurance.

  6. Embed is broken in the post, but thanks for sharing this. We’ve been studying EMS’s role in injury prevention in one of my classes. This is an excellent example of doing just that.

    This video is a good overview of what they are doing and why.

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