Posted by: medicblog999 | October 31, 2010

My Fan Boy Moment!

Back on the 10th June this year a new podcast started. I found out about it as I was reading Kelly Graysons Blog, thought it sounded like an interesting listen and went off and downloaded it. That was the first step in my addiction to Confessions of an EMS Newbie.

If you haven’t been listening to it, it is about the journey of Ron Davis as he goes from mild mannered computer programmer/photographer, through his EMT Basic course and on to his Paramedic training. The unique thing with this podcast though, is that Kelly accompanies him on his journey and acts as his mentor in the podcast, answering his questions, clarifying his doubts and sharing his experiences from his career in EMS so far.

I now look forward to the download every week and see this as an essential part of my daily dog walking!

As well as following Ron through his training, Ron and Kelly have started to record some special episodes where they interview guests from the field of EMS. Special episode 1 was with Bryan Bledsoe, considered to be one of the most influential educators in EMS in the USA today. Special episode 2? Well that’s where yours truly comes in!

I was extremely flattered to be invited to participate, but a little perturbed that I would be following on from such an eminent and respected person (not much to live up to, eh?).

Anyway, we chatted about UK EMS, training, lessons ive learned during my career and answered a number of listener questions. I had a great time recording it and chatting to Ron, and you can visit the website here to download it directly to your hard drive.

Oh, and while you are there, why not download the other 21 episodes. Even if you are an experienced paramedic you will be amazed and what you will learn.



  1. Duplicate comment

  2. Thanks for being on the show. It was great fun learning about how y’all do things in the UK. A couple things we talked about are still peculating in my head and influencing how I think about EMS in the US and how it can best be organized.

    And it always good to learn new Britishisms.

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