Posted by: medicblog999 | September 21, 2010

ECG Geek 12 (well, sort of..)

I was going to post a really interesting set of ECGs from a patient who I looked after a little while ago, but I realised that I had a problem.

The rhythm strip that started the whole case study off had me baffled. I could understand what was going on, but didn’t know what was causing it and why.

Part of being a good paramedic is knowing when you are stumped and when to go for help, which is what I did.

One quick email to the ECG Jedi Master Tom Bouthillet from provided me with the explanation that suddenly made everything make sense and I can now file away another condition that I didn’t know how to recognise.

Sometimes, the Blogosphere and social media continue to amaze me. After sending email at 03:00 in the morning whilst sitting on station in a darkened room, to a friend and fellow professional across the Atlantic, my professional clinical knowledge has moved onwards again, and even though it will not change what I can do for this patient, I know have a much higher level of anticipation for problems that can occur in this category of patient.

Remind me again how blogging is supposed to be bad??

Anyway, if that has tickled your interest and this ECG is of interest:

Click to Enlarge

 then head over to and have a look at what happened to her next and give your suggestion to the discussion too.

(As for the follow up to my last post about mistakes, that is coming, but its taking more writing than I thought it would!)

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