Posted by: medicblog999 | September 11, 2010

Is it really 9 Years??

It has come round again…..

Another reminder of the horrors that occured in New York on this day 9 years ago.

The bloggers are starting to remember, the words are starting to flow and the memories come to the front again.

I will always remember where I was and what I was doing on that day.

I know I shouldnt get a little upset when my kids dont really understand the significance of this day, but I feel it is our responsibility to share what happened that day and why the world is how it is today. Thats why this time last year, I sat down with my son and watched the footage and talked about what happened and why we are now at war.

As I have been reading others blogs, I almost could kick myself for not making my ‘blog watch’ feature which I have just submitted for this months Journal of Paramedic Practice more of a memorial feature for those rescuers who lost their lives. Then I realise that it isnt just about this day. Yes,  it is a focus day for memorial events and for those who wish to remember; however, 9/11 lives on in all of our hearts no matter what day of the year it is.

To this day, I still find the loss of life of so many firefightesr, police officers, EMTs/Paramedics and port authority staff uncomprehendable. And the feeling of loss I hold gets more noticeable every anniversary.

I know why this is….

Its because I now feel so connected to so many of my friends across the Atlantic, that I feel that I am part of that family now ; and always will be.

To all those who gave the final sacrifice to help others, they will never be forgotten and they will always be in my heart.



  1. i feel it more for the past 5 years since i have bean on the field and that i have work tree years that date ! but i steal remember where what and all of that day even my ticking . once again when i will start my shift i will take one minutes to remember the one fallen and also tanks the superior authority to have make me one of the paramedic and to have up to today keep me alive . just hoping never to forget that day and never have to live a other

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