Posted by: medicblog999 | September 2, 2010

Are you a good Medic? How do you know???

This is going to be a short one but I am hoping for many comments so that I can form a follow up post.

I have just received some really nice compliments from some A&E (ER) nurses about what a good paramedic I am.  I was of course flattered and its always nice to get positive feedback, but as is the norm for me, it got me thinking…..

Am I actually a good medic?

I think so, but how can I justify that opinion of myself?

So here is my request. Think about yourself and the way you practice then complete this sentance and leave a comment:

” I am a good medic because…… ”

Dont be shy, lets see if we can come up with some sort of universal definition of what makes some stand out from others. Oh, and in this case, medic means anyone in prehospital care, EMTs, First responders, paramedics etc etc.



  1. I am a good paramedic because….. I put the best interest of my patient above all else. One of the best compliments I have ever received was from an ER doc from years ago. His standing order to me? Do what the patient needs, and I’ll sign the orders when you get here.

  2. …the patient never sees me sweat, complain, or frown. And, if done right, doesn’t even notice I’m there.

  3. I am a good medic because…I practice my skills to perfection, continually learn more, and communicate appropriately and effectively with my patient and co-workers. I also remember that compassion can cure.

  4. I am a good medic because i dont get complacent. I dont get stuck in a rut, i know that i need to keep my skills fresh and that any situation can happen (and may not be all that it seems)

  5. …because I know my own limitations.

  6. I am a good medic because… I am always ready to learn, I admit when I am wrong and I am open to new ideas.

  7. ….I keep my cool in even the worst situations, and I can always get a patient to smile. I also keep up with my con-ed requirements and I try to learn new things every day to help impact, in a good way, my patient care on a day to day basis.

  8. I am a good medic because . . . I work hard to continue learning about all aspects of patient care. I truly believe no detail is too small or skill or knowledge beneath me. I want every patient to leave my care with the belief that I did my absolute best and really did care for each of them.

    P.S. Great to have you back in the blogosphere, Mark!

  9. I am a good medic because… I believe that simply getting your practitioner’s license isn’t enough and that when you sign up to become a medic you sign up to begin a career of life-long learning. I am always eager to learn new things about patient care, and in the back of the rig I give my patients my all and do what is best for them in their situation.

  10. I am a good medic because I care for the patient compassionately, keep my skills up to date, and continually learn more.

  11. ….because I don’t think I’m good enough

    • PP- I think you have a winner here my friend. The least self righteous comment here.

    • Thanks Brother. I’m always my harshest critic. No one else comes close. After 16 years, I finally feel that I’m getting it right, not always but most of the time. Take care, Pete.

  12. I had a student ride-along last night and gave him my usual speech…

    “Nobody cares if you’re cool, or funny, or good looking. And, they are always watching. Don’t expect to be popular with the nurses, doctors or patients because of any of that. All they care about is that you are competent, and you give a shit about what you do. Simple as that.”

    I hope I gave him a reality check.

  13. … Because I read

    Or maybe it’s because I look at patient care as a higher calling than my own ego or my own convenience and I consider it an honor and priveledge to be a person whom is called upon to serve my fellow man in what could be their time of greatest need.

  14. because I am able to adapt and overcome

  15. I am a good medic because I care about the patient, I don’t judge I help them regardless of sex race color or anything else. I learn non stop to improve my skills and accept evals and try to improve for the next. I know this job is not about me it is about the patient I am working with.

  16. … Because I treat my patients how i’d want my mother to be treated. And I have a thirst for knowledge and seek to continually improve.

  17. This profession is amazing. Humble, passionate, caring, talented, and did I say passionate? These are obvious traits in every post below and now more than ever we need to asses and treat our most important problem….the system. Read these posts and then remind yourself of the lack of awareness and knowledge of EMS. I have been told by so many that my generation asks to many questions….that’s because I have all of those traits and I am concerned about the “Problem” and without questions and ideas nothing will change for the better. Amazing responses.

  18. ” I am a good medic because…… ” I don’t know everything and don’t pretend like I do! I always try to learn new things and not forget the things I have learned. I treat people with respect. When I am treating a patient, I try to act like it is no big deal or problem. When the patient sees that I am not freaking out then they do not freak out. However, DO NOT think that my kindness is a sign of weakness. I still kick butt when I need to or when disrespected either by the patient or co-workers(this includes nurses, doctors, etc…)

  19. because………….after every call I think about how it could have been a better experience for the patient and how I could have been a better paramedic.

  20. i m a good medic because my patient think so , i m because that patient got all i could be , because i would accept less because it could not be other way to be and finally i m good because i know i cant be more and better

  21. I’m a good paramedic because… I’m a coward. I never let my ego get in the way of patient care and I always do the least invasive procedure possible that will still benefit the patient. It’s not about the tube, the line, the medication administration, it’s about getting the patient to the hospital in hopefully better condition than I found him, but at the least, no worse.

  22. I’m not a medic yet… I’m a Basic but I’m a good EMT because I care about my patients, I know what it’s like to be strapped down to a gurney with an NRB or NC on your face and have the person who’s supposed to be taking care of you randomly poking and prodding you and not telling you what they are doing or why (I wasn’t actually hurt, it was training during my EMT class.) After that experience, I promised myself that I would never be the kind of EMT that treats their patient as an object and not a person. I also know that I will never know everything and my learning/training will never end.


  23. ” I am a good medic because…… I know I am not perfect, but it does not stop me from making sure my imperfections do not adversely effect my patient and my colleagues. It does not stop me being in a bad mood, but it does stop me infecting others with my moods”

  24. I am a good medic because I take time with my patients and family to educate them about their situation. Good medics understand that 50 percent of our job is as a social worker. The support to offer via information and resources is invaluable, and often welcome because people feel they can talk to us, where they might feel intimidated by physicians.

  25. ….I do what is right for my patient, even if it means going out of my way or pissing off those above me. Patient advocacy says a lot to me. You have to first, know what your patient needs and second have the desire to do it, and third, stand by your convictions.

  26. I am a good paramedic because I work to find new ways to improve our work, our communication and our ability to share best practices from around the world.

    I love an industry that has come so far and has so much more potential! That is why I am a good paramedic

  27. I am a good paramedic (student) because I know what I know and I also know what I don’t know. I never pretend to know what I don’t know and I’m working on filling the gaps. Apologies for the Rumsfeld echoes in this response!!

  28. I am a good Community First Responder because

    – I listen to my patients (when they’re conscious!)
    – I try to keep up to date, and to extend my (limited) knowledge
    – I have the courage to do what is necessary
    – I make a point of learning from my professional colleagues
    – Although I’m an Amateur, I try to behave like a professional

  29. I’m a good medic because I use every moment as an opportunity to learn- from the mistakes, from the calls gone right, from the Paramedic text I carry in my work bag 2 years out of school, and from the simple transfers to dialysis clinics. Every moment is a new moment to learn.

  30. You know you’re a good medic when your fellow EMSers say they would trust you with their family.

  31. You are a good medic because … you care, simple as, if you have the heart for the job then you’re good at the job.

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