Posted by: medicblog999 | September 1, 2010

A Blogoversary for my Blogger BFF !

I dont even know why I am writing this because I am sure that if you read my blog, you will also be reading Justins blog over at right?

Because you read his blog, as well as mine, you will already be aware that he has just celebrated the second anniversary of the start of his blog, right??

If by some strange reason you havent wished him many congratulations or if by some freak of interdimensional freakishness you have yet to read ‘The Happy Medic’, I would strongly encourage you to click here and go and say hi and send a lovely big cake over there!

I also know that this also marks the second anniversary of a particularly harrowing time for both Justin and his family after his close call in a building collapse, but sometimes good comes out of bad circumstances, right???

Well, it has been an amazing journey for Justin, and I feel so very privaledged to have been more than a tiny part of that journey, and to have spent time as part of his own family.

Congratualtions buddy!

Can you just imagine what the next two years is going to bring????

YOUR GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD!!!! (Ted Setla, Nov, 2009)


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