Posted by: medicblog999 | August 28, 2010

Im Back!!

It’s been a strange week.

Things have happened.

Some very important people in my work life appear to have had a change of heart and some others have absolutely astounded me with comments like

“There is a real opportunity to communicate like we never have been able to……we need to learn to let go of some of the control we have always maintained over what we say and do”


“This is just the way it is now, this is how people communicate. If we don’t adapt, we will be left behind”

These were a few of the comments that were made after I presented a review of the past 20 months of my life in social media, my blog and the Chronicles of EMS, to all of the most senior managers, and directors of my service. This was a meeting that I had been trying to get into for a number of months; maybe fate had a hand in it finally coming around when I needed it most, and so soon after events which caused me to question my ongoing blogging.

I went into the meeting hoping that maybe I could alleviate even a little bit of the fear that surrounds social media and blogging. What I  came away with though, was the impression that a door has opened ever so slightly into the possibility of my service taking very tentative baby steps into communicating with, and even engaging our staff, our associated professionals and most importantly the community that we serve using all of this new fangled technology that is available to us.

But what about those who I felt were ‘anti’ my blog and social media, or rather those that had reservations about the safety and use of social media and the potential for harm to the service?

Well, they still remain, but they remain silent….for now.

What I am left with however, is a feeling different than that a couple of months ago. I still don’t have a seal of approval from my employers but I now know that those who really and truly need to know and understand what I am trying to do both on this blog and with the Chronicles of EMS have heard from my own mouth how safe and professional I am with my on line activities. I have had the opportunity to stand in front of all of them and have my say about how I feel about utilising all means of communication to take my own service and all other Ambulance services into a new era of communication. That gives me the confidence to come back.

Then there are my personal reasons for leaving the blog, how it affected my family, and the amount of time I spent sitting in front of the computer rather than with my wife and children. This is where my self imposed ground rules come in:

1) I will only blog when at home when Mrs999 is at work
2) If Mrs999 and I are off together, I wont even log onto my blog
3) Mrs999 will soon tell me if I am getting carried away with blogging again and will beat me around the head with a metal spoon until I get the message.

Dont worry though, as since we almost always seem to be on opposite shifts, I will still have plenty of opportunities to write and share my thoughts and musings!

I have missed being part of the EMS Blogosphere; it’s not the same to be a reader as it is to be a blogger. Although I have continued to read everyone’s blogs, I just didn’t feel as engaged in the community as before. Im excited to rectify that and be part of my group of friends again.

An enormous and heart felt thank you is needed for all of you who took the time to post a message following my ‘closing down’ post. I know for a fact that your words also made a difference in changing some opinions about the effect that positive and real blogging can have on readers.

A big thank you to all of you who have been popping in to see what is going on and if I was back on line again, I hope you are happy to see me back!

And finally, a thank you to Fire & EMS blogs for keeping live.

Anyway….let’s get this show back on the road shall we??

Normal blogging will resume in the next couple of days.


  1. Welcome back!

  2. […] Y’all welcome Medic 999 back to the EMS blogosphere. […]

  3. Yay!

  4. Welcome back Mark.

  5. Welcome back Mark! Glad to have you back 🙂

  6. Welcome Back Mark Well Done

  7. Wahoo!

  8. I will simply welcome you back in the same way we would welcome back someone to the station….You were gone?

  9. Everything is right with the world again, now that you’re back, Mark! – Sam

  10. You were never truly gone, just on paid vacation for a while. Welcome back from vacation! We kept your seat warm!

  11. Hail and well met old friend! The hole you left has been filled anew. We have truly missed your wisdom, balance, and wit.
    Rock on!
    Capt. Tom

  12. All-righty Then!! Excellent 999. Your silver tongue (fingers) combined with innate compassion and writing skill encourages people in various jobs to strive for success in their own lives. “The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason to hope.” (Chardin) That’s a big part of what your blog and you do.

  13. Well done lad. You were missed.

  14. Wooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo. So very very happy to see you back *hugs*. Tell Mrs 999 I got a BIG hammer she can beat ya upset the head with forget the lil spoon lol. Seriously though you were greatly missed and have made many think and learn and question and none is happier than I to see you have returned and will soon be filling your blog with more thought provoking and informative blogs and the fun stuff too lol

  15. Excellent news!

  16. I’d pretend like I was surprised at this… but I knew you’d be back. Ya can’t keep a good man down for very long.

    I’m happy as heck you’re back, my friend 🙂 great to have ya!

  17. Can be summed up in one word:


  18. Mark, you have been so very much missed.

  19. I’m so happy you’re back Mark! Sure have missed reading about your side of the pond 🙂


  20. Glad to see you back!
    The generalised fear that so many have of social media (and anything unknown, really) can create far more problems that it solves. I hope you are educate a few as to the very real benefits there are.

  21. Glad to hear your back and love the work you are doing to spread the word that social media is a tool not an enemy.

  22. welcome back

  23. That is brilliant news Mark! I can’t wait to read some more Medic999 blogs!!!!

  24. Thumbs up mate.

  25. Huurah! Welcome back Mark – your writing has inspired me to start writing a blog about my adventures as an Emesis Bag sitting in an ambulance cupboard downunder in Australia – unfortunately one of the crew whose vehicle I sit in is a little scared so is going to let me post stories on his behalf.

  26. Good – time the NHS in general entered this century! It seems funny how there is this big lump of middle-aged people who just don’t “get” the internet thing. Old ‘uns, young ones – but the ones in the middle?? New ways of communication are scary at first but you’d think this would be better accepted. Looking forward to the next post…

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  28. Best news I’ve heard for a while! Welcome back, Mark. See you around (or maybe not – it’s not a good sign when I need a Swalwell RRV!)

  29. […] blog again.  He had a bit of a tough go with some upper-level dinosaurs for a while, but you can READ HERE how he was able to get the buggy going again.   Welcome Back, […]

  30. welcome back, missed the info and banter

  31. Glad to see you back Mark. HOpe all is well on your side of the pond!

  32. Welcome back Mark – knew you would be.

  33. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

    Welcome back.

    Personally, I’d be more afraid of running afoul of the Mrs. than my bosses at work. Which is why even she doesn’t know that I blog.

  34. Welcome back sir!

  35. Yeahaw!

  36. YAHOO!!

  37. good to see you back Mark….I might finally learn to figure out those ECG blogs…
    but in all honesty from a non EMS professional looking in this has always been a very interesting journey,a different view on life and thought provoking…
    here’s to plenty more blogs and Mrs999 not becoming Nora Batty……


  38. Mark, so pleased you are back!!!

  39. Amazing! They couldn’t say not to that charming smile forever…

  40. As we say on this side of the Atlantic, “Well, heck, welcome back!”

    Just out of curiosity, how much of this latest development is due to all the positive response to CoEMS and other aspects of your projects, as opposed to just being a gifted writer? (And I’m not being facetious, I suspect the professional following you’ve built — world-wide — may have entered into the dicision).

    Either way, it’s great to have you back!

  41. All is now as it should be… That is all…

  42. Help comes from unexpected sources at times.;) Glad to see you are able to come back on. As you can see, you have a lot of support.

  43. very happy you are back it is with big humility that i will read your blog back since you and some other have make me decide to join the crazy yet serious bunch of blogger wishing for the profession to move forward and to be able to learn from one and other all in one goal a better way to provide the most efficient and knowed patient care there is. again glad your back

  44. Words cannot express how happy i am that you are back!

  45. There is something to be said about the power of prayer…. Welcome back, Mark!

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  47. Wonderful!

  48. […] attention. We’ll start with the much heralded return of blogging great Mark Glencorse and his Medic999 blog. Welcome back Mark. The often overlooked but always fantastic EMS Haiku blog offered nasty burrito. […]

  49. ‘Bout time you got your finger out again!

    Welcome back – You’ve been missed.

  50. Really happy to read you back again!!! Best wishes from North of the US of A

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