Posted by: medicblog999 | August 18, 2010

There is a chance…..

Bet you didnt think that you would hear from me again???

Well, maybe some of you knew that I wouldnt be able to keep away for ever….

This isnt a return….Not yet anyway.

I just wanted to say that there have been some developments along with a potential olive branch being offered. It may amount to nothing and I may well stay away from the blog, but I have a very very very very very important meeting next Thursday which may turn the tide for me and my ability to blog.

I just wanted you to know that I am still trying to make this thing work but one thing is for sure. IF it does work out and I come back, there wont be the usually 7-8 posts per week. During the last 6 weeks, I have realised just how much time was going into the blog, to the detriment of my family, and I wont be letting that happen again. Maybe 2-3 per week will be better??

Anyway, its good to say hi again, please keep your fingers crossed for me next Thursday. Its going to be a pivotal presentation I am giving and I sincerely hope it provides me a way back.

After all, I really miss you all.



  1. I predict great success. Keep us posted. BTW, I wish I named my blog “Fire-once-or-twice-a-week rather than Fire Daily…..

    • Yup, daily posting, day in,day out must be tough! You made me laugh though!

  2. Even 1 a week would be good – wish I could find the content for 1 post a week!

    Good luck for next Thursday!!!

    • Sure you can, just put down whatever comes your way! Ive been reading your blog long enough to know you put some great content out there.

  3. Very happy to hear this! Good luck in your meeting next week and I sure do hope to see some more posts 🙂 And like Paramedic Blogger said – even 1 a week would be fantastic!

  4. Very nice to see! Good luck in your meeting on Thursday and I sure do hope to see more 🙂 But like Paramedic Blogger said – even 1 a week would be fantastic!

  5. That’s great news! Hope the meeting goes well next Thursday. *fingers and toes crossed*

  6. Sorry who are you again????? Just kidding fingers crossed mate

    • Ohhh har de har de har!!! 🙂

  7. Question for all: “Who among us thought that one of the GREATEST EMS BLOGGERS OF ALL TIME, a guy who literally has paramedicine in his blood, who has a gift and an obvious passion for sharing that gift could stay away from blogging?”

    Cuz I sure didn’t. I had faith. I still have faith. You Sir, are a gifted writer and a gifted medic. There’s not many things that will be keeping you down for long.

    I’ll be sending all of the positive vibes I can muster from across the pond on Thursday. (I’ll start on Wednesday so I can cover the time difference)

    • Thanks Chris! You have no idea (well actually, as a fellow blogger, im sure you do) how hard it is to just sit back and read blogs each day without being part of the blogosphere anymore. Your positive karma will be greatly accepted!

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  9. I never had a doubt and still have you listed in my bookmarks. I just KNEW something would break. Keeping my fingers crossed. Looking forward to that first post when you come back.
    Capt. Tom

    • Thanks Capt. Hoping to be back soon!

  10. I’ve always had the faith, glad to see that there is an option/chance 🙂 sure do miss you out in the blogosphere


    • Thanks Brad, much appreciated

  11. 2-3 a week sounds lovely! Well, anything sounds lovely, really! Hope all goes on Thursday – I’m not much into the “positive thoughts” thing, but I could do some good old-fashioned praying 😀
    It’s good to see new posts on this blog!

    • I’ll take whatever I can Lizzie. All greatfully accepted 🙂

  12. 2-3 per week is still better than my 1-2 a month as of late….

    Hope you are doing well, chap!

  13. Hooray! Mark is the Bret Favre of the Blog-o-sphere.

    • Ok, as far as i can see, he is a quarter back in the NFL. Whats he known for then??

  14. Damn, and there I had deleted you from google reader and everything. Just shows I should’ve had more faith in you. Best of luck for Thursday, I’ll be sending good vibes.

    • Wow, quick deletion Ross! (Lol). Hope to be back soon.

  15. Fingers are crossed!

  16. we’d love you see you back, no matter how often you post.

  17. Brilliant news, will be thinking of you.

  18. Thinking GOOD THOUGHTS!!!

  19. If you can’t tell from all the above comments, we miss you too!
    Have been thinking of you whilst you were away from here – hope to see you back.
    All best wishes

  20. Late as usual – not because I didn’t want to but because Internet Explorer was playing silly thingys! Would love to see you back and am keeping finger and toes crossed it’ll be OK. One Dr blog in the USA posts about once a week and says when the next post is likely to be – sometimes he misses the appt but not often. Gives you a bigger space to anonymise etc – you can prepare posts in advance when you have nothing better to do. Maybe a thought?
    BTW – new paramedic now present in YAS, mainly thanks to you! Just waiting for the 2-year date deadline to register,
    all the best

  21. Best wishes! Good luck from the States.

  22. Best of luck Mark.
    Enjoying your stuff in the ‘Journal of Paramedic Practice’ in the meantime.

  23. great to ear that looking forward to read it again and we will tell you when time to go and take care of family if by any chance you get to much here lol

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