Posted by: medicblog999 | May 29, 2010

Medic 999 now on Facebook

If you havent already noticed, there is a funky new widget over on the right there which shows a feed from the Medic999 face book page.

It has taken quite some time to get round to starting one off as I always thought that it would just be more of a fuss and I would just end up repeating everything that I have been putting on to the blog.

However, now that I have started it, I realise that there is so much more that I can be doing over there which compliments, rather than repeats what can be found here.

I intend to post all of the links that I find interesting from reading everyone else blogs over there as well as many of the videos that I stumble across whilst looking around the EMS Web.

I started it just 3 days ago, and I am amazed that I already have 293 followers on it!!

For those who have already been over and clicked the ‘like’ button, thank you very much!

What I am hoping is that you will all post stuff onto the wall too, so that we can start our own little community going to (which has already started to happen)

Im excited about this, I wish I had started earlier!

So, what are you waiting for…..Click HERE and go and have a look. Let me know what you think.


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