Posted by: medicblog999 | May 10, 2010

Just for a giggle!

Its been pretty heavy going on this blog the last few days, all about death and dying, so I figured its time for a little giggle.

This link was initially sent to me by one of my EMS Garage friends, Rob Theriault.

Thanks for the laughter Rob!

And here for your viewing pleasure is the 911 emergency ROCKsponse – Paramedic rap.

P.s Look out for the bit where the fireman states he `has a radial` but is checking his carotid (is that a joke at the firefighters expense do you think?), and I love the bit with the lifepack 12s leads – so true!

This was produced by a group of graduated student paramedics from Southern Ontario. Great job chaps!!


  1. Excellent mark, just what was needed i love it

  2. A giggle? How about a full-blown belly laugh! That was brilliant! Thanks for the Monday lift, Mark.

  3. Just about to take my final OSCEs in my paramedic science course. I think I'll do it as in the video!

  4. Ha ha ha, great find!I wonder if the MNR/firefighter palpating the carotid was an “accident”.

  5. Cute 😀 Someone has having fun.

  6. Great stuff guys, very entertaining and surprisingly accurate!Thanks Rob & Mark for sharing & congrats to the guys on graduating from the program.No comment about the fireman gag!

  7. LOL, cool video. This was very entertaining…..lmao

  8. LOL, cool video. This was very entertaining…..lmao

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