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CoEMS at the Zoll Summit – Part 1

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Well, Ive heard today that flights to Heathrow are planned to start tomorrow, so fingers crossed I may get on the plane tomorrow night. Now that my hopes are getting up a bit, I figured I should try and get back to normal blogging, so without further ado – here is part one of the fun part of the Denver trip.

The Chronicles of EMS team (or rather most of it) used the opportunity to have a 2 day office meeting to discuss company matters and look at the structure of the business. I struggled to decide if I needed to be at this meeting as I thought that it was all really above the level that concerns me (and Justin wasn’t coming in until Monday).

However a mixture of loyalty to the team, curiosity and wanting to represent Justin in his absence saw me arriving at The Curtis Hotel on Sunday morning. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice to say that I am really glad that I went, and feel that it was ultimately important for me to be there (although I wish it was Justin as he has a far better business head than me)

Justin arrived on Monday evening after a delayed flight (bless him!) and we were due to go to a Zoll meet up to meet some of the other guys involved in the Summit and the Zoll team who is working so hard to make our partnership so successful. A last minute call from ‘our girl in Zoll’, Charlotte put pay to that idea.


Charlotte and me

Charlotte wanted to do dinner, and what Charlotte says, I do! (Plus Zoll were responsible for us being there due to Charlottes input and we wanted to spend some time with her)

One lovely steak later and a number of drinks afterwards, we decided that being the consummate professionals that we are, we better head back and get ready for our big day on Tuesday.

The whole reason for our visit was to present our vision of EMS 2.0, The Chronicles of EMS and how using social media responsibly can effect real change in EMS systems worldwide. This was both Justin’s and mine first ever Speaker role, and to be asked to speak at such a prestigious event was both exciting and a little scary.

We went down to see the room we would be in and immediately started to worry if anyone would turn up. If you don’t know what the Summit is, it is a conference that attendees pay for to attend to enjoy a multitude of different presentations in a number of different ‘tracks’. Each 50 minutes throughout the day there would be up to 10 different sessions going on simultaneously with the guests able to choose which one they want to go and see. We were part of the Clinical track and ours time slot was the last session of the day, so who knew if anyone would turn up?

Justin and I went back to Justin’s room to run through the presentation and do some tweaking. We had never been through it together and we needed to make sure that there would be enough time for a good discussion at the end.

As we were sitting together, the CoEMS wheels began to turn and what Justin and I are becoming known for at Zoll sprang into action.

Me: “You know, there are alot of people milling around outside of the rooms and in the reception area. Why don’t we see if we can get a monitor or a projector and go and show Episode 1 on a loop and try to get talking to some people and drum up some interest for our session this afternoon?

Justin: “Yeah, you think?”

Me: “Yup!, go on matey, off you go!”

I know where my strengths lie, and I know where Justin’s do to. I can come up with some great ideas at times, but Justin is the one to set loose to make them happen.

Justin: “Ok, be back soon”

I carried on working with the presentation and after about 20mins Justin returns.

Justin: “Nope, can’t get a monitor anywhere, so can’t show it on that”

Me: “Oh well, it was a good idea anyway”

Justin: “Yeah it was. So anyway, we can’t have it on a monitor in reception but we can put it on the 2x20ft screens in the Ballroom!!”

See…I told you he was the one to make things happen.

Next thing we noticed was that there was no signage for us. Fast forward 15 minutes and Justin had 2 flipchart holders and had drawn a couple of signs with the EMS 2.0 symbol on it and announcing a Q&A session with us over lunch time.

Now in all honesty, we didn’t get many people coming in, but we certainly let people know that we were there, and those that did come over became very interested very quickly with what we were trying to do.

Charlotte and her boss Blake walked past with grins on their faces, shaking their heads (I honestly think they look at us like proud parents sometimes! This project is Charlottes baby and it gives us a real pleasure when people show interest us, as it shows Charlotte that we are worth spending time on)

Before we knew it, it was time for our session, and to our relief, it turned out that we had the busiest session of the clinical track for that day. The room was over ¾ full and they remained engaged for the whole time that we were talking. Justin of course, took advantage of comedy moments and made as much fun of my accent as possible whenever possible, which always brought a giggle.


Room filling up before we start.

I kept on looking to the back of the room at Charlotte and then to the front row where Blake was sitting. They laughed along with everyone else and nodded approval when we hoped the audience would. The bit that I was really looking forward to though, was after our presentation.

As soon as we asked if there were any questions, they started to come in. There were the usual questions about differences between US and UK pre-hospital care and where we are going next, but what really got us interested was when the questions started to come in regarding social media and how it could be used for good in EMS……..

But that is something for the next post…..


  1. Thanks for the breakdown of the event! it sounds like the reception was amazing. I am amazed of the support and friendships we are making with ZOLL and look forward to our future with them!

  2. More interesting things to come in the next post Ted.

  3. Great job adapting on the fly guys! Do you know if anybody caught a video of your presentation/the Summit?

    • I have the audio and will be looking to put that up shortly

  4. Thanks for the breakdown of the event! it sounds like the reception was amazing. I am amazed of the support and friendships we are making with ZOLL and look forward to our future with them!

  5. More interesting things to come in the next post Ted.

  6. Great job adapting on the fly guys! Do you know if anybody caught a video of your presentation/the Summit?

  7. […] you haven’t read part one, the link is here, or just scroll down the page two […]

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