Posted by: medicblog999 | April 16, 2010

EMS 2.Ooo oooh

File1-New Picture

I have to give credit for the title of the post. It comes from Insomniac medic who brought a smile to my face when I say it after being told I would be stranded in Denver.

So, a quick update then its time to move on. If I am stuck, there is no point being miserable about it, there is nothing much I can do about a volcano spewing the contents of the earth into the atmosphere really is there?

I was hoping to make some use of this time and maybe hire a car and drive over to see my friends @EMTDani and her husband Bubba, who came out to meet me and say hi on Sunday, but the airline has put pay to that one with me needing to go back everyday to see if I can get on the first plane home, whenever they start flying again. My booked flight is on Tuesday 20th, but hopefully I can get back before then.

A couple of quick thank you`s are needed too. Thank you to Charlotte from Zoll (@Zollemsfire) who has continued to look after me by reimbursing me for the extra costs, even though I dont think I will have any now, thanks to B.A. Thank you to @TBChick from twitterland and who I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with in San Francisco in Fenruary. I wont embarrass you by saying what you were willing to do for me, but rest assured I wont forget your generosity and thoughts. You truly make me feel humbled to know you and I cant wait to spend some time with you when we hopefully come to Toronoto.

Thank you to so many of my friends on Twitter who offered beds to stay in, trips to take, and even mothers to let me stay with (Thanks Ted!). There really are too many to say thank you to all, but you know who you are and hopefully how grateful I am to you all. It all proved that those people who say you cant make ‘real friends’ on the internet, just havent met you guys!

And finally, a special thank you and hug to Natalie (@Msparamedic) who made me smile and cry a little last night when she took centre stage on Ustream and sang her heart out for 2 hours to entertain me and some of our friends in the chat room. Lets just say I was very emotional after being told by BA that I was actually stuck in the US until the 20th at the earliest, and when she started making up part of a song about me and being away from my loved ones, the screen got a little blurry for a while.

Anyway, Natalie, you rock! and you have no idea how you lifted my mood. I owe you more than one drink next time we meet!.

And if you didnt see it, and if you want to hear her sing her heart out, here is the recording (and yes, I did ask if I could post it)

There is no sound for the first 1 min, but then she remembers to turn it on (Doh!)
Please note though, this was originally recorded when Natalie was a teeny weeny bit tipsy and there are a few choice words made through the recording, so if that offends you, then dont listen OK?

Her song to me starts at about 34 mins in (and yes, she is wearing her hi vis tabbard!)

Anyway, time to move on with things, there is nothing I can do about this situation, so I just need to get on with it, starting with posting a couple of blogs about the Zoll Sumitt, which is the whole reason I am over here.

So, taking everything into account, was it worth coming to Summit?

Well, thats for the next post…….

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