Posted by: medicblog999 | April 15, 2010

Stuck In Denver

15602869Just a quick message to let you all know that I am now one of the many unable to get home due to the Volcano in Iceland. We made it 3 hours into the flight then turned back round to Denver.

Not a happy bunny, but I guess you cant complain about such a thing. Its not really British Airways fault.

Anyway, I need to try and get some sleep. Ive been put up in a local hotel and have been told we have to be back at the airport in 12 hours, but we still dont know if we will be leaving then.

And just to think, I missed the Zoll Summit Casino night too!

Im gutted I dont get to sleep at home tonight and have already had the gut wrenching cries from my smallest one, but he is now settled and drawing pictures of Volcanoes for me.

Quote of the day?

My 3 yr old:  Can you not just go past the cloud quietly?


Night all.




  1. Aw, sorry brau. Safe travels home my friend. I'm at the station tonight. If you get stuck a second night and you're aching for a home cooked meal, give me a call and I'll set you up.

  2. Morgan asked why you don't just fly around it. Ahhhh, children, always with the best ideas!

  3. Sorry Man, but hey make the best of it. First, you do get to sleep without interruption which I'm sure is rare for you between the job and the kids. Second, you might be able to do some neat stuff whilst hanging out. If you are exteneded, catch a cab to the REI store, it's an experience for a guy like you and I know you'll enjoy it. Second, see if you can catch dinner at Casa Bonite, that too is an experience. Lots of stuff to do around town and it sounds like things haven't opened up yet in the dusty skies.Make the best of it, you are in wonderful country out there,Capt. Tom

  4. idea: fly out of New Orleans and spend some time with your favorite Southern gal!!:)But seriously. I am so sorry you're trapped in the good ol' US. Like I said: If you're out there much longer I may take a mini vacation to see you. (and to harass Montera.) haha!

  5. Surely a Superman like yourself doesn't have to worry about a bit of dust. Anyway, you'd be flying under it!I notice that the advice in the UK, given at a VERY low level of publicity, is that vulnerable people (COPD, asthma etc) should stay indoors.It took me 45 minutes online to find this, and I'm an experienced H&S searcher.

  6. best of luck to you, with regards from Paramedics in Iceland keep up the good job.

  7. best of luck to you, with regards from Paramedics in Iceland keep up the good job.

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