Posted by: medicblog999 | March 5, 2010

Here at EMS Today in Baltimore

I really wanted to post something last night, but to be honest (and I know this is becoming a theme here) the jetlag kicked in big time, and I just had to get some sleep.

So, here is an update so far.

Yesterday morning was the first time that the entire Chronicles of EMS Team (minus 1 – But Greg Friese was with us via phone) had met face to face in one spot. I finally got to meet Carrisa O’brien and Jamie Davis, and felt like we were old friends from the get go. What happened next was a lot of joviality and amazingly, thanks to everyone taking their turn to reign the conversation in, some decisions made about our places in our organisation and what is expected from us all.


(From L-R. Jamie Davis (Podmedic), Chris Eldridge, Me!, Justin Schorr, Ted Setla, Carissa O’Brien, Chris Montera (Geekymedic)

There will be some exciting developments coming over the next few weeks and months which will see the beginning of a truly unique place for EMS professionals to come to get all of their information about their profession, whether that be EMS TV, EMS Radio, EMS Education or EMS Press.

Following on from breakfast, we moved over to the convention centre so that we could go and meet the folks from Zoll and see where we would be working for the next couple of days. It was a hazardous 2 block walk though and at one point I thought I may not make it! It had nothing to do with the American drivers or the state of the pavements, but instead it the danger came from the missile that was Carissa`s case that she was dragging behind her throughout the morning. The amount of time she had me tripping over and nearly falling into the road as she swung that bag around behind her just became ridiculous, but we couldn’t help but laugh like naughty school kids as we walked through the city.

As we arrived at the convention centre, we started looking around for a poster that we had been promised from Zoll. They had told us that we would have part of their main welcome display poster to advertise CoEMS and the T-Shirts that we would be selling whilst we were there. Walking through the entrance we saw a huge poster for Physio Control, but nothing from Zoll.

We went and registered and got our exhibitors badges then went down to the main conference hall. As we travelled down the escalator, we suddenly saw the biggest display poster I had ever seen across the wall at the bottom of the escalator and as promised, there was our little spot of advertising :

IMGP1882 compressed

The funny thing is that Ted jokingly asked if he could have it after the show, and was told “absolutely definitely”, it will just get thrown away after the show. How the hell he will get that home though, is an entirely different matter.

Off to the Zoll stand and another first meeting with Charlotte Norton from Zoll. She is the one person who has persuaded Zoll into taking the step into social media along with the Chronicles of EMS, and now it seems that people around her including her boss are seeing the benefits that embracing new media can have to their organisation. She positively exuded enthusiasm for CoEMS and was excited to see what the next two days will bring (as were we!)

The one problem that I could see straight away though was that we didn’t have a ‘spot’ which was made up to be a Chronicles of EMS stand. We had no brand identity at the stall. Yes, we were going to be doing Q&A sessions on their stage over the next 3 days, but when we were not actually doing that we would not be visable as an organisation. This was more than a little disappointing.

Ted, Justin and I, got our creative juices running and with some negotiation with Zoll and some help from the lady in charge of the Zoll stand, we ended up with a space that we could have as hours, but still nothing to ‘brand’ it.

So team CoEMS got to work and by 2 hours later we had our stall!

Before the conference opened for the afternoon session, we were kindly taken out to lunch by Charlotte and her boss Blake. We found out, yet again, how many things just seemed to have slipped into place for Zoll to be able to take this first tentative step into working with us, and again it left me asking myself about luck and destiny. Just how many coincidental things can happen over and over again to keep us meeting the right people at the right time?


Oh, and the amount of times that people have said that Justin and I are just” like a married couple” or are” like husband and wife” or are “just so cute”, is just not funny anymore!!

We had a great time at lunch and as well as having some business talk with Blake and Charlotte, we had a lot of laughs and forged what we hope will be a long relationship with Zoll!


  1. Sounds like a great first day. By the time Ted is done talking to the airline about the poster he will have them giving free WiFi to the entire plane so everyone can watch the Chronicles.

  2. Sounds like a great first day. By the time Ted is done talking to the airline about the poster he will have them giving free WiFi to the entire plane so everyone can watch the Chronicles.

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