Posted by: medicblog999 | February 12, 2010

CoEMS Jetlag – Arrrggghhh!


It feels oddly comfortable to be back in San Francisco!

Although thats not how I felt when I was 10 hours into my 18 hour journey over here. I was delayed on the runway of Charles de Gaul airport in Paris for 90 minutes whilst they de-iced the wings of the aircraft which , yes I know was kind of essential, but still……

It was a long flight and for the first time, left me feeling travel sick with about 3 hours before landing in San Francisco, which made some of the thoughts I was having even stronger.

“My god, this is a long way to come for one night!”

“If the Chronicles of EMS gets picked up, I could be doing this virtually every month”

“Oh, wait….Im actually doing this again in 19 days time!!”

“I miss my family already, I wish they could come with me”

Then I landed, and the nausea started to pass. As I travel through the airport and I see picture of the Trans America building, and all of a sudden, the excitement hits me and it feels like I have never been away.

After waiting forever to pass through security, I finally manage to weave my way through the arrivals door and meet up with Justin again. After a manly, brotherly hug its straight to the car and a mobile board meeting of two of the founding members of the Chronicles team as Justin brings me up to speed with everything that is going on for the tomorrow tonight (Now tonight!), and also some other business that requires our collective attention.

All in all my flight was delayed over 90 minutes so the initial plan of heading over to Teds for a glass of wine and a catch up had to be changed to ‘lets just get you home’, and a straight trip back to Casa de la Happy Medic.

Once unpacked it was time…………..

Time for me to watch it………..

Yes, I have seen the first episode now!

So what do I think? It is amazing!

But I dont say because of mine and Justins presence in it. After all, that is just what we do, we weren’t acting at any point (unless you see some of the fun stuff from the outtakes). No, what makes it amazing is that Ted and Chris Eldridge captured what we were hoping to show, then Ted has edited it in such a way that it just blew me away watching it.

There are things which arent in there which I would have thought would have made it better, but after watching it, I know that they would have only distracted from the show that Ted has put together. I really think you are going to like it, and I hope that you are actually going to love it!

Im incredibly proud of what we are achieving with this, but there is so much more to do. The community is growing around this and after each Skype call that Ted and Justin seem to have, another idea comes forward. Another concept suddenly becomes a reality.

With Teds and Justins minds on overdrive there really is no way to figure out where this is all going, all I know is that it is going to be amazing.

Flights have now been booked for Baltimore on the 3rd March, so we will definitely see you there too. Zoll are really excited to have us out there to share their commitment to the Chronicles and we are excited to meet more of our supporters and get some more ideas from you guys because as you all know, without our supporters this would be little more than a nice ‘holiday video’ for Justin and I to remember our trip by.

But I digress..

This bloody jet lag is playing havok with me. I went to sleep last night at 10.30pm SF time which in reality for me was 04.30 (UK time), then woke at 01:00 which is my normal UK time of getting up (07.00). I then managed to get another few hours sleep but woke again at 05:00 so figured I would just write this instead.!

Its the big day folks, and I cant wait……In fact why should we!!!

Do you want a sneak peak at the first episode, courtesy of Medic999??

Click here to see the first 10 minutes of the show, but dont tell anyone I showed you!!






Yeah right! Be patient my young ones!!

Premiere is from 4pm – 7pm (Pacific time) and will be streamed live at this link.

The 1st episode will go live at 5pm and will be available here.

If I don’t see you in person tonight, I hope to see you in the chatroom for the premiere instead.

Oh and I know its sloppy, but…..

I love you Sandra! I wish you and the kids were here too, I really really do…xxx



  1. i am excited… when and how can i see this!!!!!

  2. Mark, CoEMS is awesome! I'm planning a move to the UK from Seattle, WA, USA (my wife is english). I'm an EMT-Basic and am hoping to get some sort of reciprocal certification in the UK at some point. I'm an arborist (TREE surgeon) now, and will probably do that for a while after moving, but am still eager to get back on an Ambo.You guys did AWESOME on the show! The drama series “Trauma” has NOTHING on the good stuff you guys brought out to the public. This is what those who have no EMS experience need to see. It is shows like this that get people interested in EMS and educate them on BETTER ways of medical treatments.Thank you,Bryce

  3. After watching the first episone, it's better than I could have hoped.Rather a poingnant moment when you asked Justin about the cost of treatment. Thank Wotan (or whoever) for the NHS.Just a shame Tad couldn't film in the UK.

  4. After watching the first episone, it's better than I could have hoped.Rather a poingnant moment when you asked Justin about the cost of treatment. Thank Wotan (or whoever) for the NHS.Just a shame Tad couldn't film in the UK.

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