Posted by: medicblog999 | February 11, 2010

Lets get this show started!!!


Its come round so quickly!!

Im now sitting in Newcastle Airport waiting for my flight to Paris to start boarding so that I can start my journey back to San Francisco and the world premiere of the Chronicles of EMS.

In 15hrs time or (9.30pm today UK time) I will be arriving in San Francisco to meet up with Justin again. Kim and Justin have been gracious to allow me to stay with them for this weekend which I am looking forward to just as much as the launch party itself.

Last time I was over there, I hardly had any time to spend with Kim and Justins children. In fact, it had just got to the point that they would not run away and hide when I was in the room, when I had to leave to come back to the UK!

Then comes tomorrow night……

There are going to be so many people there that I feel as though I already know, but have never actually met yet.

Im really glad that Ted organised the event to be from 4pm till 7pm (11pm – 2am UK time), so that it gives us all a chance to socialise after the show too.

I know that there are many bloggers writing about what this means to the profession of EMS and the potential of what the CoEMS may bring. but the amazing thing is that, it may actually happen.

There are so many important and influential people going to be there on Friday night, that this will be a real opportunity to kick start the concept of the EMS 2.0 movement. Taking EMS to the next level of its development and letting it stand in its rightful place alongside other health professions.

Here is some of the things people are saying about it :

Life under the Lights :

“With their efforts come Hope… Hope that one day soon EMS will take its rightful place as a true profession; Hope that our profession will get the paid the attention that it deserves; Hope that our educational standards, resource needs, and compensation will finally be improved; and Hope that we will be able to improve our total service to our patients and our community through shedding a new light on our profession”

Fire Daily :

“What started out as two guys blogging has morphed into what just might be the second coming of EMS around the world.  Seriously!”

The Happy Medic :

“Various committees and organizations sprung up with a spot for us, among dozens of others, making sure we had no chance to be heard.  EMTs and Paramedics were never given a seat at the table. So we made our own”

David Konig :

“I briefly mentioned the existence of The Chronicles of EMS (Twitter hashtag #CoEMS) yesterday, but the truth is that it is an initiative that deserves its own post (or a dozen or so).”

Richmond EMS :

“If you are part of the fire and EMS community on Twitter or Facebook then you certainly have heard about “The Chronicles of EMS” reality series (Twitter hashtag #CoEMS).  If you are not, and do not know about it then you have been missing out on a truly unique project”


“Chronicles of EMS was created as a form of ‘edutainment’ in an effort to inspire dialogue, raise awareness and generate a change of impression the EMS industry has about adopting social media.”

Believe me when I tell you that this is a drop in the oceon of what people are saying. There is such a buzz about what Ted Setla has created!!

So, thats it. If by some chance you havent seen the trailer, you can view it here

And if you want to be there for the premiere, but cant actually be there, you can still come along to the live premiere by the wonders of the web right here.

Whoops, time to board…..See you all on Friday night!!


  1. so excited! can't wait to meet you! what you, Justin, and Ted have started has inspired SO many already, it's amazing… and it's only going to grow! so proud of you boys and all you have done! i expect big things from y'all. See you in about 36 hours! :)MsP

  2. Enjoy yourself Mark (and you Justin). Just think – you're a film star now.

  3. Enjoy yourself Mark (and you Justin). Just think – you're a film star now.

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