Posted by: medicblog999 | February 5, 2010

Zoll, EMS Today and The Chronicles of EMS!


It really is amazing what can happen when like minded professionals share a common goal and seem to capture a level of enthusiasm in the masses of a particular group of people.

The Chronicles of EMS continues to grow, and with that comes opportunities that either present themselves, or are developed from small ideas into, frankly huge ones.

As you all know, if you have been following The Chronicles, Zoll, our main corporate sponsor has already stepped up to the plate as an early supporter for Ted Setla`s vision of where Justins and my initial project idea could develop into. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined such a change in my professional  (and social) life could have happened in the space of 3 short months. You can visit what Ted is up to at his site and hub for the Chronicles by clicking here.

I have already been to San Francisco, to work alongside Justin in the San Francisco Fire Department, and had the honour and privaledge of working with Ted and Chris Eldridge on the first episode of ‘The Chronicles of EMS’

I now get to go back to San Francisco in 6 days time for the live premiere of the pilot episode, thanks to donations from some of our supporters as well as financial support from some of the Chronicles team themselves. All of which I am extremely grateful for. Next Friday night looks to be one of the best nights I will likely have for quite a number of years and I cant wait to meet so many of the people that I have been communicating with through the wonders of social media, in person.

But, it doesnt stop there…

zoll_logo1Thanks to the hard work and negotiations of  Carissa O’Brian ( and the forward thinking team at Zoll, Justin and I will now be at our very own Chronicles of EMS stall at the EMS Today Conference and Exibition in Baltimore from the 4th to the 6th of March.

Zoll have much planned for us including regular Q&A Sessions as well as the potential to have some pretty cool CoEMS/Zoll Merchandise to hand out for a minimal donation. We will be at Stand 3707 along with the rest of the Zoll team, so if you are coming out, make sure you pop along and say hello to the funny talking British guy!

But most of all, it is our opportunity to reach out to more people to spread the word of The Chronicles of EMS and the concept of EMS 2.0.

It is an added bonus to move over the east side of the country as well, as I know there are many supporters and followers who would love to come to the premiere in San Francisco, but the distance is just too great. (I keep forgetting just how big the USA actually is!). Hopefully this way, Justin and I can get to know even more of you and ask where you would like us to go next and what you want us to see?

Its going to be a hectic 4 weeks, and one hell of a Jetlag experience, but it is something not to be missed.

Zoll – Thank you for taking the step and embracing the opportunities that Social Media can bring to EMS.

Ted Setla –  Thank you for your vision and your continued unbounded enthusiasm.

Carrisa O`Brian –  Thank you for helping to make this opportunity a reality

Mr Happy Medic – Thank you for being ruggedly handsome and attracting the female audience!

Oh, and dont forget, you can help raise funding for further episodes of CoEMS just by clicking on this link and filling in the form, for which Zoll will donate 5$ to CoEMS

See you all in the USA soon!


  1. So will Zoll be sponsoring me to fly out to see you guys? 😉

  2. So will Zoll be sponsoring me to fly out to see you guys? 😉

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