Posted by: medicblog999 | December 26, 2009

A day of Rest in San Francisco….and Yoga Pants!


A day of rest! Well, not really rest, but since our ambulance shift was cancelled last night (I think that was the first and only time that I saw Justin as ‘The Not Happy Medic’) we decided to make the most of our time off.

The plan was to meet up with Ted and Chris, go for some breakfast then head off into the City to do some filming at some spots that would be more ‘photogenic’. We hoped that we would be done around lunchtime which would give Justin the opportunity to head home and spend some well needed time with his family. Even though he was ‘at home’ for my week over there, it was taking up so much of his time that he was hardly getting to see his wife and children.

An early finish would also let Ted get back and start working on some of the post production stuff, and would give me some free time In which to see some of the touristy stuff too.

Sounded like a plan to me!

Justin, Ted and Chris arrived at my hotel at about 9am, then we headed off for some breakfast in a diner that has been around since the early 50’s. I can’t remember the name of it or in what district it was (although I am sure Justin will let us know), but it was certainly the place to go to plan our morning! We sat down and squeezed into the booth, or rather Ted and I squeezed in. We aren’t fat though, just really muscular and stocky!! The waitress came and asked for our order. At this point though I was still trying to work out what was on the menu.

How many choices of eggs????

I let everyone else order first and after hearing what Ted was having I went for the safest option…

“I’ll have the same as what he is having!”

Some may say that was a cop out, but all I am used to saying is “full English breakfast please”


To good a photo op to miss

We decided to head down to Chrisy Field, which used to be an airstrip just next to the golden gate bridge, but is now ‘the place’ to be seen going for a jog and looking beautiful apparently. On the way, Ted suddenly pulled over by a small field and Justin pointed out the ‘Old Ladies’, the famous row of houses still in their origin state and one of the many iconic images of San Francisco. A quick jump out of the car and a couple of photos later, we moved on to The Golden Gate Bridge.

Following on from a discussion to decided where Yoga Pants fit in to Maslows Hierarcy of Needs (quite near the top apparently, but also fighting off a challenge from the iPhone), we started doing filming some of the discussions that Justin and I had yet to have on camera. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful backdrop and it should really make for some great visuals as well as some interesting dialogue.

Time for some fun once we had finished the serious stuff. A plan was hatched which had all four of us giggling and pitching ideas in for a bit of film which would go to enhance the whole’Bromance, that everyone on twitter and the bog was going on about. Again, you are going to have to wait to see it, but suffice to say, we got a round of applause of all of those that had gathered to watch what we were filming, and we know that you will has at least a big grin on your face when you see it!!

By the time we had finished messing around and having some fun, it was getting close to lunch time, but rather than take time up going for a sit down meal we thought it was a great excuse for a pint, so headed off to a local(ish) Irish pub. We had a couple of drinks and talked about how things were progressing with The Chronicles. We imagined where it may go and we discussed trying to get permission again from my employers to allow Ted and Chris come over to film. We also talked about how amazing that our growing following was on Twitter and Facebook. The donations were coming in thick and fast to get the pilot episode up and running, but that is worthy of a post all to itself as the way it made us feel cannot be done justice as a little bit in the middle of a bigger post!

Justin and I then got hold of the Teds Flip camera and started having fun. Out of that few moments came Justins ‘Teaser Trailer’ for the Chronicles of EMS :

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’’%5D

I know it is probably one of those ‘you had to be there’ moments but I honestly have never laughed that hard and that long for a very long time. I think the may thing was seeing Ted just absolutely loose it when Justin came out with the line “We’ll sell you the whole seat…….your only gonna need the edge”

Just as the clips ends you can just hear Ted start to say :

“Did you really just say…..?”

I bet we had some funny looks from people walking past, and it is honestly one of those moments in life that I will never forget….Sitting outside of a bar, on a beautiful day, in the middle of San Francisco with three great new friends, just laughing and laughing.

Any way, once the laughter had stopped we went our separate ways and I got dropped off at my hotel to get changed and then headed out to be a tourist for a few hours.

I impressed myself by getting on the right tram to take me down to the piers on the front of the bay. I couldn’t think of too many things that I was wanting to see, but I knew that I wanted to get some small gifts for the kids and my family.

That turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. Obviously, all of the shops down at the pier were geared up for memorabilia for those wanting to remember their time in San Francisco. I didn’t think Sandra would like a prominent reminder of the time that I left her at home for 10 days to care for the kids and work whilst I was having an amazing time in America! I managed to get a couple of things then went for a wander around. I have been to San Francisco once before, about 17 years ago, and did most of the touristy things then. Just as well really as everything I tried to do was either sold out or closing by the time I got there. I figured that was someone’s way of telling me that I wasn’t there to be a tourist, and to be honest, it’s just not the same without having someone to share it all with anyway.

I walked around until about about 5 pm then decided to walk back to the hotel instead of getting the street car. I figured I could find the way easily enough and once I got half way back and saw the familiar strip joints and massage parlours, I knew I was nearly back home ! (what can I say, I didn’t know the area when I initially booked or swapped hotels!)

Once back in my room, I crashed out. It had been a long week so far. Amazing, yes, but very tiring. I decided I would settle for a shower, a pizza from across the street, some TV and an early night. You see, I really am a party animal!!

Besides, tomorrow was another big day.

I was going to Justin’s home for a barbecue with his Family, tomorrow night was the Tweet-up that had been organized and I was going to get to meet Chris Kaiser and his wife Gina who had flown in from across the country to meet Justin and I (I’m sure you already know, but just in case some of you have been in a box for the last 6 months, Chris writes the blog ‘Life under the Lights’). It was a good idea to have a good nights sleep as I needed all of my strength for the showdown arm wrestle between Chris and I at the Tweet Up!

It was going to be Awesome!!


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