Posted by: medicblog999 | November 24, 2009

Its nearly over……


Justin and I are just finishing our last ‘working’ shift together.

16 days have passed since I got on the plane from Newcastle.

44 hours working in San Francisco.

55 Hours working in Newcastle.

Countless more hours thinking about and trying to share what we are learning, experiencing and considering whilst we try to figure out where we go and how we can change things for the better from this point onwards.

Thousands of words to follow in blog posts.

Hundreds of pictures.

A wide selection of video blogs


The upcoming trailer for the Chronicles of EMS!

What a couple of weeks……

And you have been along with us from the start.

Both Justin and I feel a real sense of responsibility to you all. We have always said that the only way that this ‘Project’ was going to work was to be able to share it with as many people as possible.

We sincerely hope that already, we have inspired some of you to think more critically about how your service provides care and what improvements could possibly be made to improve the experience for you patients passing through your care.

We are still looking at what the realistic outcomes of this project may bring, both in the UK in the North East Ambulance Service and in the USA within the San Francisco Fire Department, but you can be sure that we will share each and every step with you all.

As this first ‘Chronicle of EMS’ draws towards its natural end, I look forward to the possibility of doing much more of this over the coming year or two. I sincerely hope that once the Trailer and eventually, the pilot episode is out, then the opportunity to get Ted and Chris over to the UK to film Justin coming back will become a real possibility.

Justin and I are working hard to get 2 – 3 video blogs up tonight (hopefully), so there should be some more footage for you to enjoy soon.

Speak again soon chaps.



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