Posted by: medicblog999 | November 23, 2009

You Guys are AWESOME!!


We have done it!

The Chronicles of EMS now has 2036 fans.

Not bad from a standing start just over two weeks ago and with such a specialised interest group.

Now all we need to do is find out exactly who was the 2000th Fan, and we can arrange for the ‘lucky member’ to get a large autographed photo of Happy Medic and I, embracing our joint passion for what we are doing and showing what it really means to be in a ‘Bromance’. (Please believe me when I say that this is all tongue in cheek though!)

What all of us in the CoEMS team realise though, is that there have been 1999 people take time out of their day and log into Facebook, search for Chronicles of EMS, then click ‘become a fan’, before the lucky 2000th fan.

Justins and my ‘Project’ was always going to take place, and it was hoped that there may be some service change come from the meeting of two passionate people who truly believe in what they are doing and more importantly, what they can do to make it better some how. But, since Setla productions became involved, we suddenly realised that there were so many more people out there who could share in what we are trying to achieve.

Day by day, we have seen the fan base grow and each and every day we are constantly amazed to see people, professionals and lay people alike, donating thier own hard earned cash, for no direct personal gain, other than knowing that they are contributing to something new and amazing.

The Chronicles of EMS is more than a few people getting together to share experiences and make a new program.

The Chronicles of EMS team is now over 2000 strong, and you all have played a part in either making this happen or spreading the word and enthusiasm for what we are doing.

So…..You all deserve a little something too.

We were going to keep this photograph for some time in the future, it is the same as the one that the 2000th fan will be receiving, except this one wont be signed, however we want you to ‘feel the love’ too.

So here it is, please have a good giggle and let us know your thoughts.

Mrs Medic999 wasnt too happy when I took our wedding photo down and replaced it with this one, but Im sure that you would all understand, right??




  1. I am so glad to see the goal of 2000 followers reached. I hope to see many more thousands of followers in the near future. This is a great project. I think what you guys have shown is that if you care, you can help. It is obvious by reading the Blog entries from the two of you that you both are very passionate about improving the care we give to our patients. I have enjoyed the fact that neither of you are saying look at me and what I have done. You truly seem to be focused on the goal of improving EMS world wide. I thank you both for that. Thanks Selta Films as well for your dedication to this project.

  2. Mark, you and Justin are the AWESOME ones. “The Project” has inspired many people around the world to start talking. The two of you have given the EMS world a model to work with. Instead of just going off on your own, you approached your superiors and got them on board. You are working within your own services to show them how things could possibly change for the future. If others continue what the two of you have started and do it in the respectful manner that you have shown, we will see changes for the better. Everyone working together for a common goal and not the “them and us” attitude is bound to pay off it the end.I love the picture, but Mark, taking down the wedding picture? I don’t know about that!!!

  3. Hey TB chick!I was joking about the wedding photo….Honest!I would not be capable of typing this reply if I had done that!!!

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  5. I dunno TB Chick, First the bedroom scene, then the Bromance photo. I'm beginning to wonder also. God must love both the wives of these guys to give them the patience to put up with this total turnover in their lives for a month. They are the special ones who standby and support whilst their husbands pursue what they love and need to do. Soon, perhaps not soon enough, things will be back to 'normal' for them all, but we, the assembled, will all be the better for their experience. I take my hat off to the wives who are largely transparent in this whole process, but who have probably been the driving forces all along. I speak this way because my own wife supported a similar project where I left my family at home for 3 weeks and traveled through Norway interviewing relatives back in 1993. Lifetime experience for me, not so much for her, but she thought it was GREAT! Now that is Love. Mark and Justin are truly blessed. Capt. Tom

  6. now have something to put on my Christmas list. Thanks for helping build a tribe for EMS professionals worldwide.

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  8. Capt. Tom, I totally agree. Justin and Mark are a couple of very lucky guys with beautiful, supportive families and very understanding wives. That great part is that both of them realize it.

  9. Capt. Tom, I totally agree. Justin and Mark are a couple of very lucky guys with beautiful, supportive families and very understanding wives. That great part is that both of them realize it.

  10. Capt. Tom, I totally agree. Justin and Mark are a couple of very lucky guys with beautiful, supportive families and very understanding wives. That great part is that both of them realize it.

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