Posted by: medicblog999 | November 15, 2009

The Project – Video Journal Day 7


Justin and I didnt get back from the first ever Chronicles of EMS live Tweet up until really late last night, and due to the fact that we are consummate professionals, we decided to get some sleep before coming into our last shift on Engine 13. So this video journal comes to you from first thing this morning.

It was a great night and we have had the fantastic opportunity to interact with so many of you in so many ways over this last week.

The San Francisco section of ‘The Project’ is drawing to a close, I have the rest of today then just a meeting with the Chief of EMS tommorrow, then its back to the UK to prepare for Justin arriving.

It has been a huge experience and we will both be sharing this with you all for a long time to come. We havent had the opportunity to share as much as we would like so far (in the blog form at least) and we look forward to doing that in the weeks to come once this crazy circus is all over.

Anyway, here it is:


[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’ image=’’%5D



  1. Have you thought about sharing this project and the outcomes with the dept. of Transportation and other certifing national EMS agencies both in the UK and North America-including Canada? This very well might be the start of some change. At least you are raising awareness for these very key issues. That, to me, is one step in the right direction. Good luck with this.

  2. so who was the little spoon??

  3. so who was the little spoon??

  4. so who was the little spoon??

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