Posted by: medicblog999 | November 5, 2009

Happy Medic Unmasked!!!

realhappy-450wide-164x200Well it was only a matter of time.

I couldn’t see how it was going to work with me in San Francisco and Happy Medic still being ‘anonymous’ on his blog (although there was a photo of him in one of his tabs). I had visions of trying to video stuff making sure he wasn’t in shot, doing my nightly video journal and I mention his ‘real name’. How could we do any press or TV if we have to ‘mask’ his face??

It was going to be difficult for sure, but I know we could have coped.

However none of that is necessary anymore, as Happy Medic is out from behind the veil now, or should I say Fire Fighter Paramedic Justin Schorr. His department has issued a press release about ‘The Project’ and my impending arrival on Sunday afternoon; therefore he can now show himself to you all.

Click here to read his post

3 days to go!!

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