Posted by: medicblog999 | October 13, 2009

Blogger Meet Up

14_470x315Well its really starting to get close to the culmination of 9 months of planning… I will be heading off to Happy Medics neck of the woods in 3.5 weeks to witness first hand, the life of an American Fire Fighter Paramedic. Its going to be an amazing trip which I still can’t really believe that I am going on.

Happy Medic is coming back to wonderful sunny overcast, rainy and cold Newcastle on the 19th November, to see how the NHS Ambulance service differs from his own Service back home in the States.

As part of his time over here, we are organising a night out in Newcastle to have a ‘meet up’ with any of the UK bloggers who know us and would like to meet up and have a chat and put faces to blog names for a change.

The invite also goes out to any readers who would like to come and say hi to Happy Medic and I.

The meet up is going to take place on Wednesday 25th November. If you would like to come and say ‘Hi’ or would like any further information, just leave a comment (an email address) or just send me an email and we will get things organised.

There is a Blogger meet up over in the States as well, to tie in with me being over there (details will be posted over at Happy Medic), so if you fancy??


  1. Tentative date of November 13th for the US blogger meet up. Evening, in Northern California. Oh heck, San Francisco. There I said it.
    Beer, blogs and Bloviating.

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  3. Ooooh. You may be in for some fog then?

  4. It would be worth a flight to San Fran, just to meet the two of you!

    Maybe, if I can get a cheap flight, we’ll do it!

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