Posted by: medicblog999 | October 12, 2009

Oh Crap!!!

oh crapSitting in the car on standby, it’s nearly the end of a long and busy shift.

The siren tone on the computer screen alerts me to the likelihood of another late job……Champion!

I look down at the screen:

“34 yr old female, Pregnant, wanting to push”

Oh well, might as well finish the shift on a high! I head off at speed, half excited and half nervous (you can see why in my post ‘scary babies’). Ive only travelled a few hundred yards when the radio is activated:

” Medic999, just to let you know this is coming through as a ‘Cat A’, due to the fact that she is only 21 weeks pregnant”

“Yeah, thats received!”

” Unfortunately we dont have anyone to back you up at the moment but we will get a crew on the way as soon as possible”


It had been a really busy day, and I know that everyone had gotten a beasting, and I guess sheer call volume had left me on my lonesome.

I continue on my way going through in my head what I am going to do, and what I might need to do.

I arrive on scene and as I walk in, I hear screaming coming from upstairs.

“Medic999 to Control…..Have I got a crew travelling yet?”

“Thats affirmative, they are coming from quite far away station and should be with you in about 10 minutes”

Phew, thats not too bad!

It turns out that the crew arrived in time, and they even got her to hospital without any baby making an appearance. She did appear in active labour but I sincerely hope that they managed to stop little one coming too soon.

It just goes to show, sometimes the anticipation is sometimes worse than the actual outcome every now and then!

For those EMS types that read this blog, whats the most jaw dropping message you received over the radio from your control?


  1. Not exactly jaw dropping, more like “Oh Crap!”

    “Medic 7, Police are on the scene of this accident, and they report at least 7 patients, with multiple ejections.”

    OH NO!

    Drive fast, drive fast, drive fast…

    When we got there, only 4 patients, all out, walking around, no ejections.

    All refused treatment.


  2. hey atleast you most likely missed the big accident on the A1 at team valley

  3. worst one was en route to an assault, control call up and say do not approach this call as calls are coming in that this assault is a shootng and the assailant is in the street taking shots at everyone!!!

  4. A57, update, your patient arriving via MedFlight is combative in flight, opened hatch in attempt to escape, not responding to standard chemical restraint. PD en route. Flight ETA 2 min, PD eta 12. Flight crew requests your assistance as soon as rotors stop.

  5. “Medic 84, Really Rural Volunteer EMT-Basic Service is requesting you for the ALS intercept. 62yo Female patient unresponsive with a possible GI Bleed. RRVEMTBS will notify when they are enroute”

    10min later… “Dispatch, is RRVEMTB service in service yet?”

    Negative 84… (sigh)

  6. Ped V Combine Harvester. Patient was attempting to remove blockage from blades, now trapped.


  7. “Surram 6, aircraft down Ashtead woods..”

    Oh crap, crap, and double crap!

    Fortunately it was a light aircraft, and the pilot walked away after the crash landing.

    Now where is that toilet paper?

  8. Two that spring to mind. We don’t use the word “body” or say “dead” over the radio because we transmit on open channels, however many years ago the following conversation was overheard:

    Search Party (looking for a missing person): Yeah, control, we’ve found the misper and he’s dead.
    Control: How do you know he’s dead?! You’ve only just found him.
    Search Party: Well, his body is at grid reference foo and his head is at grid reference bar…

    Though personally, the message that really got the adrenaline flowing was last year:


    The location given is not that far from an International airport and a military airfield. Our worst nightmare is an airliner crash in our area. Turned out to be two small aircraft, no survivors. :/

  9. Male pt, 84 yrs in nursing home. Blood sugar level was 1, then 2 after iv glucose by nurse, now back to 1 again.
    (… 5 min later…)
    Stand down, the pt is dead.

    Turned out, the patient was simply about to die peacefully with his family around him. Why someone decided to call us, or mess about with BS, I will never know, I went back to bed.

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