Posted by: medicblog999 | September 27, 2009

It gets you when you least expect it


My wonderful wife and my youngest son!

Sitting on standby again by the side of a field. I’m happily typing away writing another blog post on my good ol’ iPhone when I here a childs voice behind the car shouting

“look mammy an amlambunce!”

I look in my side mirror and see a small child, maybe 3 years old, walking hand in hand with his mother. She then goes on to tell him all about the ‘Ambulance’ and the paramedic sitting in it and how we make people better when they don’t feel very well.

As they walk past the car, he looks up to me and gives a huge grin and waves..

“Hello Mr alambulance man!!!”

I wave back and return the smile.

They then walk onto the field in front when I hear mum telling him that if ever anyone gets really poorly, all he needs to do is call 999 and the ambulance will come rushing to help.

He nods his understanding, then they both stand still on the grass. Mum counts down….3, 2, 1.. GO!!!!

Off he goes running across the field, giggling loudly all the way. Mum gives him a few seconds head start then she is off after him, laughing loudly and calling after him..

“Im going to catch you!!”

I sit in the car and put my iPhone onto my lap. I watch with a smile on my face as I see mother and son running around the field, laughing loudly, with hardly a care in the world. It seems such an innocent and beautiful thing to watch. Maybe those of you who don’t have kids yet won’t fully understand it, but those of us with kids know that feeling!

Then I cant help my thoughts from wandering away as I suddenly remember all the kids and parents who aren’t having a fab time, those who are struggling through illness. Those children and parents who have had to call 999 when they really wished that they never had too. Then it inevitably comes back home to my family and the hope that we will all miss the horrible fate that seems the fall on some of my patients.

I sometimes wish I hadn’t seen as much as I have, then I could enjoy moments like this for what they truly are without being taken back to some darker places.

I hope I never come across the little boy or his mother in a professional capacity. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to never see them again.

Then I decide to pull myself back to the here and now, stop being so silly and just watch as mum catches him and swings him up into her arms……all the while laughing away!


  1. Awww, almost cried then!

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