Posted by: medicblog999 | September 21, 2009

How many patients????

Antony%20Gormley%20FieldI wonder how many patients I have looked after in my time in the service??

This calls for some maths:

9 Years and 10 months service…..9 weeks holiday per year, which leaves 43 weeks work per year. This gives me approximately 21 weeks of 3 x 12 hour shifts (63 shifts) and 22 weeks of 4 x 12 hours shifts (88 shifts). Therefore, on average I work 151 shifts per year (without overtime).

Now on average, I will attend about 6 – 12 jobs per day, but we will be conservative and go with 8.

So 151 x 8 = 1,208 jobs per year. Multiply that by 9 years = 10,872 jobs in 9 years.

Add on the 9 months for this year (906). Gives a grand total of 11,778 call outs!

Now granted, I will have been stood down from some of them. Some of them will be repeated calls for the same patients, but which ever way you look at it, I have been lucky enough to care for a hell of a lot of people!

The real question though is what percentage of those calls actually required and ambulance?


  1. 9 weeks of paid vacation a year!?! 12 hour shifts!?!

    Holy Crap! I work 80-100 hours a week and have NO PAID VACATION!

    (unintelligible grumbling) I love my job I love my job I love my job I love my job….

  2. That was one of the culture shocks when I moved to the States from Ireland. I got 3 days vacation my first year here ! I had 40 something days PAID vacation at home plus the sick leave.
    I think it’s one of the reasons Americans suffer from burnout, especially in this profession.

  3. Don’t ask yourself how many actually needed an ambulance, it will only hurt your head.

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