Posted by: medicblog999 | September 19, 2009

Lets have a look then!

nosy-parkerI’ve written in the past about the natural curiosity of paramedics…..

Well, Ive just witnessed an amusing episode which proves that it isn’t only the paramedics who enjoy and bit of gory stuff sometimes.

I had just finished handing a patient over in one of our local A&E departments, and had retired to the doctors station to complete my paperwork. I was busily scribbling away when I over heard one of my colleagues handing another patient over in the corridor:

“yeah, it was spurting when we got there and as you can see, it’s still leaking through”

I couldn’t help myself, so I leaned out to see what the fuss was about. At exactly the same time, two nurses and three doctors all did the same thing!!

I looked over to the patient, a middle aged lady who gave me one of the funniest mock shocked looks ive ever seen, and then proceeded to pretend to faint.

Medic999: “Sorry, but it just sounded so exciting!”

Patient: ” Its okay, Im finding it all very interesting myself ”

And as soon as it had started, everyone went back to what they were doing. I couldnt help but have a little giggle about it though. It must have looked so odd to see all of these doctors, paramedics and nurses craning their necks to get a look at what was ‘spurting’

Funny days…….

(Oh, by the way, it was just an arterial arm laceration)


  1. Hey Mark,

    The link’s not working. It has a double ‘http://’ in it. I figured it out, but you might want to edit when you get a chance.

  2. Hmmm, makes me a bit worried about my last post, To The Girls on the Bridge, where I criticise a couple of girls for staring at us while we were looking after a patient. It has always bugged me, and I have written about it before. And yet, we all have that natural curiosity. I wonder what people think about the whole business of rubbernecking…

  3. I’m intrigued by the body and how it works. I also want to improve my skills. Naturally I look!

    I’ve had a nurse telling me to look away when she was giving me an injection – she wasn’t used to patients watching.

    When I had an abscess on a tooth that had been root-canal treated, my dentist decided to do an apisectomy – going in through the gum to remove the infection. She asked me if I minded a couple of dental nurses watching the procedure as they’d never seen it before.

    Obviously I consented. One of them had to leave part way through as she felt queasy. (The other was my daughter who did some part-time work there and wasn’t bothered at her old man being cut in the gum.)

    During the operation, my dentist had set up a mirror so I could see what she was doing – she knows I’m interested!

    However, I do take against rubberneckers the second they start getting in the way.

  4. I think rubbernecking is as you say a very natural thing to do, but two interesting points my friends made was,
    if the education of what happens was better could we solve this problem?
    There is very little chance for prospective NHS workers to get ‘experience’ and the like, I’m to be a Student paramedic shortly and Ive found it impossible to get any experience!!!

    aslong as the cats dont killed curriosty can never be that bad?

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