Posted by: medicblog999 | September 18, 2009

Some Great News!!

I haven’t mentioned this before because the result Didnt bear thinking about and I preferred not to think about it than share it with you all, but yesterday I had my youngest boy (2yrs old) back to the hospital for some results following investigations into night sweats (soaking wet and needing to change pyjamas and bedding) and a couple of enlarged lymph nodes. The doc who saw him first said that although he looked a healthy and happy boy, he shouldn’t be having these sweats and he was a little worried about these enlarged groin lymph nodes, so he wanted some further tests to rule out anything sinister.

So for the last two weeks Mrs Medic and I have been trying not to dwell too much on thoughts of lymphoma and other nasty childhood diseases.

But the results are in, and he is fine!!!!!!!


We still don’t know why he is having these sweats, but they seem to be getting a little bit less now, but who cares as HE DOESNT HAVE CANCER!!

It’s odd that despite all the medical experience I have had in 17 years in the NHS, even though my logical mind has been telling me that there was no way he could be that poorly as he is so fit, active and lively, all it takes is one little seed of doubt to start thinking the worst.

Anyway….. Another piece of good news about little one, is that after 2.5 years he has finally slept in his own bed all night for the last 4 nights in a row!

I think I will put the lottery on tomorrow!


  1. Glad he’s fine! 🙂

  2. That’s great news – my boy Jacob just turned two last weekend, so he is of a similar age.

    As a parent you always fear the worst – so to know he is OK I am sure is very comforting.

    You can enjoy the weekend now.

  3. Fantastic! – delighted for you all! Have a great weekend.

    (But don’t relax too much – your children will keep springing surprises on you all the way through to adulthood and beyond!)

  4. Thank god hes ok!

  5. Great news, Mark.

  6. That’s great news, you must have been so worried! So what are the lucky numbers for this week’s lottery? 😉

  7. What GREAT news. I was just going to go on Facebook and send you a message asking if he was okay. What a relief for you both. x

  8. Terrific news! I’m very glad to hear it.

  9. Awesome news Mark. Maybe he is having some wicked dreams????

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