Posted by: medicblog999 | September 18, 2009

Its just obvious!


An emergency comes through on the screen in the cab of the ambulance:

“Male, 24. Pt has been violently assaulted”

Is there any other kind of assault????



  1. Well what if someone is violently assaulted with words…………..”He called me a Fu#@ing A*#hole
    and now I need to go to A & E coz my feelings are hurt”

  2. I guess “Gently assaulted” doesn’t quite have the same sort of ring to it ;0)

  3. It is true that you can be “assaulted” without any physical violence. Violent words constitute assault. What we usually think of as “assault” is actually assault and battery.

    It’s the “battery” bit that causes physical injury.

  4. I’m going to add ‘sexual assault’ here as another category, horrible though it may be to mention it.

    Also, Jax, I don’t really think that smilies belong in a thread about assault of whatever sort.

  5. “Male, 24. Pt has been violently assaulted” hahaTerry Bradshaw Jersey
    Troy Polamalu Jersey</strong

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