Posted by: medicblog999 | September 16, 2009

“The Handover” is Changing (just a little bit!!)


‘The Handover’ EMS/ER/A&E blog carnival is continuing to grow and welcome new contributors each and every month, however, after hosting both Grand Rounds and Change of Shift (coming tomorrow), I have realised that there is a whole raft of blogs out there who are involved in pre-hospital care, emergency medicine and nursing who do not contribute due to the ‘Themeing’ of each edition.

Therefore I am going to change the format ever so slightly for upcoming editions, starting with CK`s at Life under the lights. As you may have noticed when I hosted grand rounds, I had 2 sections to the carnival. One for the theme for the edition, then one which was available for open submissions. This seemed to work really well and it got me to thinking about doing the same with ‘The Handover’

So from no one, ‘The Handover’ will welcome contributions from any blogger who has a connection to EMS and emergency care. A theme will still be chosen, and pride of place will be given to the contributors who have considered the theme and submitted something relevent, however, there will now be a second section to each edition available for submission which may not fit the theme. The host of each edition will still have the right to include or exclude any submissions based on the content of the post that is sent in.

First and foremost, ‘The Handover’ has always been about sharing EMS experiences, and that must be the continued focus, however, I feel that by allowing an ‘open section’, we will all find new blogs and maybe learn some new things, which we may not have done in the past.

CK`s call for submissions can be found here, on his theme of ‘Funniest, job, ever’, but also now feel free to send in a link to a post which you may think the EMS community could benefit from or may find interesting.

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