Posted by: medicblog999 | September 13, 2009

Want to learn ECG Interpretation?

willem_einthoven_ecgAs you will have already realised, I love looking at ECGs. I used to think I was quite a clever clogs on them. My work colleagues certainly seem to think so.

To be honest, and without being big-headed, I think I do know a little more than the average street wise paramedic. Some may say I know things that arent necessary for a paramedic to know about, but that is a whole different discussion.

My point in this post however, is that I have realised that I still have sooooo much more to learn. I have started reading some of the blogs out there that are dedicated to ECG interpretation, and these guys REALLY know their stuff!

So if you want to really learn how to comprehensively interpret 12 lead ECGs you really need to bookmark these blogs.

Prehospital 12 Lead ECG

New Cover light 710Toms blog is as comprehensive as you can get. I spent a good couple of hours last night working my way through his archives, and have learned a great deal of new stuff to complement what I thought I already knew. I have just started commenting on his ECGs, and so far have gotten 1 out of 1, so not too bad.

I am also starting to work through a couple of others which are also worth a very high level tip of the hat :

The ECG Blog

Dr Smiths ECG Blog

The EKG Club – A Yahoo club with over 900 members!

Seriously, these blogs are better than any book you could buy on the subject. If you have any interest in learning more, go and have a look and have the bookmark button ready.


  1. Thanks, Mark! Anyone concerned about their “ECG Geek” status has a place in my cabinet! 🙂


  2. Thanks Mark, took a look over at Toms blog. Anyone who wants to improve their ECG abilities need to go take a look here. Awesome site.

  3. I concur with Mark. Tom B’s ECG blog is an outstanding resource for the parageeky with more than a passing interest in squiggly lines. Great stuff.

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