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Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 51, comes to Paramedicine!

paramedic test
logo-grandroundsWelcome one and all to this weeks edition of Grand Rounds, which comes to you from the world of EMS blogs!

It really is an honour to be hosting. I have only been blogging since the beginning of the year, but have been reading many of your blogs for the last couple of years, and its great to now be part of the medical blogosphere.

Whilst you are here, I would like to invite you to browse my blog, and my blogroll over there to the right, and maybe cast an eye of some of the many EMS blogs that grace this wonderful world wide web. I try to read as many blogs as possible from all specialities, as I believe it gives me a great insight into the same patient, but from many different view points. It helps me to see the all elusive ‘bigger picture’ and I honestly feel that it makes me a better paramedic!

I have a selection of my favourite posts in the tab at the top of this page, so if you have time, go and have a look. This is my favourite one, its a bit of a tough read but im proud of my ramblings in the post ‘Suicide’

And one last shameless plug before I start with the wonderful posts that have been sent in. We have our very own blog carnival for EMS/ER and emergency services blogs, ‘The Handover’. If you have never heard of it before, the home page can be found here, and the most recent edition is here. If you are in any way shape or form involved in EMS or emergency medicine/nursing or have been a patient who has had experience of the emergency medical services, please stop by and consider joining our family of contributors to ‘The Handover”

So without further ado, lets get cracking…..


I suggested a theme for this edition, along with an open section. The theme was ‘The time when it all fell into place’. I have only had a few submissions under the theme, so I feel they should have pride of place in today’s edition (I can assure you that there is no bias here, it just so happens that it was my brothers in EMS who submitted the posts based on the theme):

  • Ben from the Insomniacs guide to Ambulances shares a two part story with us of a shift he has on the ‘Baby Bus’ (otherwise known as the Baby Emergency Transfer Service) and the team work that came together on that day to provide a happy outcome from one very premature baby. Part one is here, then part two, here.
  • CKEMTP from Life Under the lights, relives a patient episode where seconds really did count and the training and provision of service was just at the right place at the right time to make all of the difference to Earl
  • Lt Michael Morse over at Rescuing Providence shows us how when things really go well and the multidisciplinary team work well together, amazing and efficient results can be achieved. How about this for a call to cath lab time!
  • OTR, who writes The Road to Paramedic, gives us all an insight into the chaos that is a cardiac arrest in the community, however this one was special, it was his first, and his first successful return of circulation. Sometimes, things just click into place. Click here to read ‘Losing my virginity’
  • My current partner in crime for a transatlantic trip in November to share ideas on the provision of EMS in both the UK and the U.S, writes about one of the defining tools of being a good paramedic – the art of improvisation. Happy Medic brings us his New Airway Technique in a post describing the ‘non-standard’ method of clearing an airway of vomitus
  • Mac, at UK street Medic, gives us a rapid flowing and brilliantly titled post, “Bang and the dirt is gone” which really takes you on the fast moving journey that is a a successful resus followed by clot busting drugs, all done in the back of  the ambulance.
  • And finally in this section, a kind of antidote to the feel good posts above. Barbara Olsen from Florence dot com, kindly lets us into her personal life and shares the struggles she had to be heard as a mother of a very poorly child. Sometimes in all the high tech gadgetry of modern healthcare, we forget the basic, most fundamental skill of good communication. Her story can be found at ‘Before there were rapid response teams’


Now, onwards to the open submission section. Take a deep breath……ready?…….Right then, lets jump in!!

And finally, last but certainly not least, and gaining the award of Best Blog Name for this edition is the “Hippocratic Oaf”, a med student from the UK, who discusses the impact (or not) that the European Working Time Directive is having on Junior Doctors in the UK. Click here to read more.

Phew!!! Thats all folks, the end of another edition.

Thanks to all of those who submitted posts, and thanks for making me increase my subscriptions on bloglines to 127 now!! (thats a whole lot of toilet reading on my iPhone……is that too much information?????)  How am I ever going to keep up. Please come back and check on us EMS types from time to time. I sometimes think we are the forgotten branch of medicine, but we really are part of the modern healthcare environment, and I personally love to be part of the bigger health team.

Next week grand rounds moves to Suture for a Living

See ya!!



  1. Great job, Mark. Thanks for representing our part (EMS) of the emergency medical world so well.

    No time for more commenting, I’ve got some reading to do!

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  3. Great edition!

  4. Thanks for including my post, Mark. I’m embarrassed to be the antidote for a good time, but as we say in my family, “Truth, like rain, does not care who gets wet.”

    I shared today’s Grand Rounds link in a post about Appreciative Inquiry:
    It’s an accolade you have rightly earned with this most excellent edition!

  5. Super job!

    Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful Grand Round. Thanks for including my post. Cockroaches now wear suits and ties.

    The Cockroach Catcher

  7. Well done again, Sir! Very impressive, and very informative. Thanks!

  8. wow, what an incredible grand rounds – so comprehensive and presented in an interesting assortment. thanks for squeezing me in! you rock –

  9. Disappointed my post didn’t get included. Maybe you didn’t get my email?

  10. That was terrific. Thanks for hosting!

  11. great work! loved the stuff…

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