Posted by: medicblog999 | September 6, 2009

Just Pondering….


Im sitting in my usual secluded standby point in the Rapid Response car.


Its 07:40 and its a lovely cool morning. My mind is just wandering away to some weird and completely unrelated subjects so I thought I would let you all in to the inner workings of M999.

  • I really should get that sager traction splint out and refresh myself with its use.
  • Did I lock the front door this morning? (damn that OCD!!)
  • What sort of things would Happy Medic like to see when he is over here in 9 weeks?
  • What was that nightmare about that I had last night? – Tony Soprano kneeling over me shoving stones down my throat to try and kill me!!
  • Beans on Toast for lunch!
  • I really should try and loose some weight before I go to America.
  • I really should order some new and shiny uniform so I dont look a scruff when I go over there.
  • McDonalds for breakfast?????
  • I really need to get through all of the submissions for Grand Rounds on Tuesday.
  • What was the name of that drug I needed to look up again??
  • I hope its busy when HM comes over, what if we have a rare really quiet time??
  • I need to get those appraisals done.
  • Oh crap, did I pay the phone bill??

etc etc etc.

Ive seen a lot of bloggers do some memes on their blogs recently. Since my head seems full of the trip to America, and I don’t want you to get sick of it before it starts, here is some of a recent one I saw and my answers:

I am……

trying to do the best with my life, without making too many mistakes that I will regret.

I feel……

Hopeful, excited and anxious.

I see…….

The best in people, usually to my own detriment (that’s a cynical thing to say!)

I need……

my family.

I love…….

my family.

I wish…….

I could travel through life without constantly thinking, what if….. and why did!

People could respect themselves and others.

I think…….

therefore I am!!

I hear……..

The quiet rustle of the trees around my car, the chirping of some birds, and the gentle rhythmic thudding on the excavator on the bridge 300 yards away!


I crave…….


I fear………

Not being good enough. Not being a good father, husband and son.

I hope……..

That in 30 years time (If I am still alive), I can look back on my life and realise I haven’t made a complete mess of it.

I bet a psychiatrist could have a field day with that lot!!

Oh well, Im getting a numb bum sitting here. Time to go and drive to another secluded spot, See Ya!



  1. Hi mate,

    I count 13 posts in the last week and I’m enjoying them all.

    But don’t burnout before you get to go over to the USA and HM arrives in the land of pints and wet weather.

    Your post of August 19th was, “So, all I am saying is that I may well post a little less from now on. That probably only means 3 or 4 posts per week instead of 7 or 8.”

    We all knew you wouldn’t be able to it… 😉


  2. I am CK’s cousin.

    It is “I fart…therefore I am.”

  3. I am enjoying your posts keep up the good work.

  4. We all knew that he wouldn’t slow down. We’re all happy that he didn’t as well.

    (shameless self plug to follow)

    Ckemtp is hosting his “Labor Day Extravaganza” chocked full of random funny stuff guaranteed to annoy your coworkers. I even have a contest complete with “a prize” to be won. Check out the multiple site updates all day today!

    (Shameless Self Plug complete)

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