Posted by: medicblog999 | September 5, 2009

Holy street fight Batman!!

logoI have been trying to search my memories for my ‘funniest job ever’ for CKs edition of ‘The Handover’ at the end of the month. I’m having some real trouble trying to think of a job that fits the bill (isn’t it strange how yo can always remember the bad, horrible ones, but not the ones that make you laugh)

I was working with one of my station colleagues the other day, when I asked him what was one of the funniest jobs he had been to. He replied with the following story, and its just too good not to share (with his permission)

Steve was working on the ambulance one night shift when he was sent to a ‘brawl in the street – 40 men. One unconscious”. Steve looked at Mike, his partner and straight away got back onto the radio to ask for a RVP (rendevouz point) to meet up with the police. Control informed them that the police were already on scene and it was safe to approach the scene.

Off they went, blues flashing, into the night. Nine minutes later, the get close to the given location and start to see the usual collection of police cars and vans dotted around the street, but it was far from a controlled environment.

Steve looked out of the window and saw a swarm of men fighting with each other and now with the police. Now, in normal circumstances this would be a pretty scary sight, but in this case Steve just looked at Mike and both burst out laughing.

In front of the ambulance was a street fight consisting of two stag night, both of whom had decided to dress as superheros.

To the left was superman, sitting on top of batman, reigning down punches into his face.

In front was a see of fists from the likes of the Hulk, spiderman, captain america and one of the guys from ghostbusters (not really a superhero, but still very funny)

The police were getting stuck in and currently were dragging a different superman into the back of a one of their vans (obviously using the kryptonite handcuffs there).

A police officer approached the ambulance……

Steve: “This must have been one hell of a fight!!!!”

Police Officer: ” Your telling me, we have got one of the fantastic four flat out on the ground around the corner, were not sure if he is just drunk or if he has been clobbered, if you could check him out that would be great”

Steve: “Yeah, no problem”

As they all walked around the corner, Steve got a first glance at Mr Fantastic, who was being tended to by wonderwoman (who looked amazingly masculine, what with the stubble and the bulging biceps. He had a small bump to his forehead, but wasn’t unconscious and told them that he had been punched once in the face of F*%king Batman, before the coward ran off!

Once they had checked he was okay to move, Steve and Mike helped Mr Fantastic to his feet and onto the ambulance, where he was given the all clear and sent on his way again.

By now the scene was starting to be cleared. There were a few stragglers, but no more injured parties, so it was time to clear and move onto the next job.

I just soooooo wish I had been there. The amount of one liners I could have come up with during my assessment would have been priceless!


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