Posted by: medicblog999 | September 4, 2009

It made me smile!

monkey_smileI promise I am going to get back to some normal posts tonight and over the weekend.

Its all been a bit ‘blog carnival’ and ‘the project’ recently, so my thoughts have been else where!

I`ve just finished three night shifts and whilst I am waiting to take one of my boys to his goalkeepers course before I can eventually go to bed, I thought I would share this photo that appeared in the middle of the night on my iPhone.

I was feeling a little tired at the time. My mate was driving back to the station (Ive been on the ambulance not the rapid response car) when my phone alerted me to a new email. I pull it out of my pocket, open it up, smile to myself then say to my mate

“How cool is that!”

The text to accompany it was:

“A buncha medics in my crew quarters trying to figure out your EKG challenge – from Ck”

Its a low res photo (hence why its so small), but it gave me that weird feeling that this world isn’t that big after all!

CKphotoSo, thanks for that CKemtP, its nice to know that others are enjoying what I am doing.



  1. that photo must have made your day… the way im actually strangly intrested in what type of monkey that is………i found this site useful

  2. I suppose I should give credit where credit is due, bud. That’s Chris, Jason, and Brian in the background. The photo was taken on my low-budget cell phone camera, so that’s why it’s not as clear as it could be.

    Glad it made ya smile. You’ve got quite the loyal US fan base.

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