Posted by: medicblog999 | September 3, 2009

‘Grand Rounds’ is coming to Medic999!!!

logo-grandroundsThe Granddaddy of all medical blog carnivals is coming to little `ol Medic999 next Tuesday.

For those who dont know what this carnival is about, imagine ‘ The Handover’ but just alot bigger and open to ALL medical bloggers from every speciality out there.

I have the honour of hosting the next edition, and for this one I would like to do it in two parts. I will have a section open for all bloggers who want to send in posts without a theme, whatever is on your mind at the moment is fine by me!

I would however,also like to pose the theme :

“The time when it all fell into place”

Tell us all about the moment when on one case, one day, one patient, one time everything just worked! They don’t happen that often….the times where you can look back and think, “Yup that was brilliant, it couldn’t have gone any better”.

So there you go, you have no excuse not to send me an email at, with the link to your post. Either an open submission or one based on the theme, whatever you want!

Remember, this is open to all medical bloggers, so I hope to see some coming in from ‘The Handover’ family too.

Deadline for submissions is midnight Sunday 6th Septmeber.

(Just a quick note for my regular readers – This post will be at the top of my page for the coming week, I will still be posting every day as normal, but you will have to scroll down below this post to catch up with whats going on)



  1. Does it have to be a new post? Or can I submit a recent one that was well received, but which I would like to have more exposure for?

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