Posted by: medicblog999 | September 3, 2009

“Change of Shift” comes visiting!


A few months ago, Kim over at Emergiblog hosted an edition of ‘The Handover’ for us all. Through that edition, our EMS blogs were seen by a largely nursing and in-hospital readership which maybe hadn’t heard of us before.

Now its time for me to repay the favour.

Kim has kindly given me the opportunity to host an edition of  “Change of Shift” , the blog carnival for nurses around the web, on the 17th of this Month. It was through reading CoS on Kims and others blogs that gave me the idea for ‘The Handover’ and look where that has gotten us all now!

So, Im wanting your submissions please, you dont need to be a nurse to submit, just have a nursing slant to the post!

With that in mind I am going to have a two-parter for this edition. You can send in any nursing related blog post as is the norm for CoS, but as an extra little section to this edition, I would like to pose a theme as well :

Nursing and EMS – We work together, sometimes very frequently, sometimes once in a blue moon, but we all have stories to tell about ‘that time with that paramedic’ or ‘that time with that nurse’. I would love to hear about your experiences, good, bad or indifferent.

I cant wait to read you posts! Please send them in to me at by no later than Tuesday 15th September.



  1. […] gets the EMS treatment! Medic 999 is doing the honors and he has proposed a theme! Information at Change of Shift Comes Visiting. Posts can be sent to “mglencorse at yahoo dot co dot uk”. Mark also hosted Grand […]

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