Posted by: medicblog999 | August 26, 2009

Rumour Control!

RumourJust a quick post tonight.

Its really quite late and I should be finishing of ‘The Handover’ for Friday, but this was just too good not to post about.

If you have read this blog for more than a couple of weeks, you will know all about ‘The Project’. My upcoming trip to work with the Happy Medic in the States, then his trip to work with me in good old blighty! The facts are known about this – I will be going over there for approx 7-10 days and Happy will be doing the same here, all under the watchful eye of the BBC (hopefully). It appears that the only thing we are waiting for is the final Ok and a date to be set.

I talk about it at work a lot (because I am so damn excited) and tell everyone the ins and outs. However, gold old North East Ambulance Service rumour mill is now working 24hrs a day!!

Mrs 999 came in from work yesterday and said:

“If any one else asks me what is going on with the USA trip I am going to scream at them”

“Surely they are all just interested”, I say.

“Oh, you haven’t heard the half of it….”

So, dearest friend Happy Medic, I guess you weren’t aware of this, but these are the plans according to various NEAS staff (as told to Mrs 999, its funny that its never mentioned to me though). Hold on to your hat!!

  • I and my family are moving over to Happy Medic land for 6 months, and Happy Medic is coming to take charge at my station!
  • I alone am going to Happy Medic land for 1 year (How will you cope with the kids with Mark gone for a year Mrs 999?)
  • I am going to HM Land for ever and not coming back (again, alone and leaving Mrs 999 and my children)
  • I am going to be bringing the role of firefighter paramedic to the North East Ambulance Service!!!!

So HM, you need to get your life in order because it is about to change FOREVER Muuuuhhh haaaa haaaaa haaaaa!!!!

Some people really do need to stop listening to gossip! I am finding it hugely amusing though.

Onwards and Upwards…….


  1. Hey it starting to sound like a work related wife swap with you two not meeting till it all over, maybe channel 4 will be more appropriate than bbc.

  2. Hmmm… I was thinking about the project the other day and I’m wondering something.

    I’ve taken classes in Medical Spanish (I speak it fairly well), Medical French (The Patient hurt their Croissant), and medical sign language (wild gesturing for me)…

    Is Happy going to need a class in Medical British? Cor Blimey old chap, that’s a wot something something.. huh?

  3. One thing that never varies from system to system is that we gossip like old ladies. Come to think of it, that might be a slight against old ladies.

  4. They’re on to us, just act casual. I keep walking into the firehouse to “Hey, where’s the cameras? Where’s your little british friend to give us all socialized health care?”

    Seems we really are all the same.

  5. Onwards and Upwards…….

    That’s what they said just before they brought the role of firefighter paramedic to the US!!!! 😉

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