Posted by: medicblog999 | August 18, 2009

A follow up to Fire Based EMS

Lego ems
The post I published last week on Fire Based EMS  started a bit of a discussion between two  of my blogger friends.

If you are interested to read  the ‘discussion’ then have a look at these two posts from Happy Medic – Post 1, and Post 2.

Then click here to read CK`s post over at Life under the Lights.

You never know, sparks may start to fly soon! (But they are friends too)


  1. Hey, thanks for the link! Didja get the pic from what I did right afterwards? I needed to chill. (I sent it to Happy too)

    I just want to get out that I support any model that is “EMS Based EMS” or “Patient-based EMS” Hopefully when The Project gets going you can get some good views on it.

  2. “EMS based EMS”

    ’nuff said Ck, nuff said.

  3. I’ve been reading all of the blogs about Fire Based EMS and am quite interested in everyone’s opinions. The largest city in my area has always had this system, so I’ve never really known anything else. In the city they hire paramedics and EMT’s, but they must have some fire training and/or be willing to take some courses. They all rotate shifts on ambulance and fire. Even the fire calls are mostly medical so that’s where it comes in handy, I suppose. The good thing about the way they do it is that they focus on the medic part when hiring. So they’re not hiring career firefighters who know nothing about patient care, but the other way around. I think where I come from this is sort of a standard practise – the volunteer department I am on stipulates that even though I joined for the ambulance part, I must participate in the fire training and respond to those calls whenever I can as well. Good thing I enjoy that too! Keep up the postings – makes for good reading, all 🙂

  4. I think I know the type of system that your volunteer department is… but I still have to ask the question: Is it an EMS-Based Fire Department?

  5. Ckemtp – I’m not sure what you’d call it. A newbie like me for sure doesn’t know. It’s a very small town, rural volunteer fire department. When you join, you are fitted with fire gear, trained on how to use it, and are expected to show up for the weekly training night. Our fire hall has a couple pumpers, a rescue vehicle, a tanker, and one ambulance. We have two people who are at the hall fulltime during daytime hours for ambulance calls and they do all the ambulance-related paper work. They are also required to be volunteer fire fighters AND volunteer EMS. As for the EMS part: only those who want to can ask to go on ride alongs until they have their EMR number. I for example, have only standard first aid training right now and am starting my EMR course in September and I won’t be lisenced until March-ish. The EMS personnell are on a call schedule for evenings and weekends. That’s the gist of how it’s put together, and the large department in the city is outlined in my previous comment, but I think ours is more fire based and the city’s is more ems based, if that makes any sense? *Newbie-speak* 😀

  6. I was a bit tongue in cheek there. There isn’t an EMS based Fire model. I’m very much familiar with the model that you speak of. It’s my roots. I started in a waaaay small town and I still volunteer in my community. In order to work as a paramedic for my FD I have to be a vollie firefighter as well.

    Good luck with that. Remember, even though it gets “politicky” at times it’s fun to be there. There’s no other piece of Americana quite like the vollie FDs.

  7. Ckemtp – GRR! LoL…I can’t believe I fell for that. But yes, the volunteer department is fun and I haven’t noticed much of the politicky things yet except for the typical “hey when you were on call with so and so did he do….?” and then the backbiting starts. I just say well everyone has their own way of doing things and they’ve all been here a while or do it professionally during the day so I’m sure it’s all good. That usually shuts em up 😉 I think our Canadian departments are exactly like the American ones lol.

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