Posted by: medicblog999 | August 17, 2009

The Rag Doll Syndrome

ragdollTom_250Is it just me, or are there any of you out there who are constantly amazed with the defensive properties of a skin full of alcohol?

Male, approximately 40 yrs old. Veeerrryyyyy drunk, walking along the path when he decides to walk stagger into the path of a passing car.

He bullseyes the windscreen to the point of actually pushing the windscreen into the car, then is thrown over the top of the car and lands about 50yrds behind it.

I arrive on scene to find him with a GCS of 8 (Glasgow coma score for the non-medical folks) and lots of blood, however the blood seems to be from alot of superficial lacerations and grazes over his body.

What then occurs is the most efficient on scene time I have ever achieved (with the help of 3 other paramedics – which is unheard of over here!) On scene time of 6 minutes, at hospital in 12 minutes (total!!). In this case. we decided on pretty much going BLS (load and go), collar, board, monitoring and away

The patient regained consciousness en route to the A&E and stated that he had no pain anywhere (which may well be the alcohol talking), he was moving his arms and legs against the restraints of the spinal board with no apparent pain or discomfort.

After assessment in hospital, he apparently only had minor injuries.

Amazing considering the mechanism of injury that he had and the forces that had been applied to his body!!

So, then lesson of this story?……..If  you are going to walk out into the path of a fast moving car, make sure you are  just a tad intoxicated, it helps you just bounce along that little bit more!!!


  1. It’s the same reason drunk drivers tend to be the ones that walk away from massive car crashes – a lot of trauma can occur because the body tenses the muscles so hard it can cause problems, but when you’re so drunk you can’t feel anything, you’re relaxed and that doesn’t happen

  2. I’ve been on that same mechanism with both drunks and non-drunks (or “just a little” drunks)

    The drunks always win.

    I believe that Mark Twain, the US Humorist, once described drunken bravado as being able to “Be hit with a church” and still not feel a thing.

    Isn’t the human body amazing?

  3. Whereas the poor bloody driver will probably be having nightmares for years!

  4. If everyone drove drunk, maybe less people would die in car crashes. Hey wait a second…

  5. Bravo, Bros! keep going like this, more good info again.

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