Posted by: medicblog999 | August 14, 2009

In lay mans terms!

Building BlocksOne of the decisions I have to make when writing posts for this blog is how to put things into words which will not alienate some of my non-medical readers. I look for simple terms to use instead of some silly long winded medical terminology (although sometimes that is necessary). Hopefully I have the mix just right by now?

With this is mind, I have just been reading a new post over at ‘Trauma Queen’. In it he describes a patient with SVT (sinus ventricular tachycardia) ,as I wrote about last week when I had a similar job. However he does a fantastic job of describing both the condition and the treatment that we in the UK can give.

When I first started out in this profession, one of my ‘bibles’ was Nancy Carolines ‘Emergency Care in the Streets’. I liked it so much because it sometimes described complex medical conditions (such as heart blocks) in a way of a story involving various characters for the different anatomical parts. It really helped me understand, and ready Kal’s post today reminded me of what I used to read in Nancy Carolines book.

I would highly recommend popping over and having a read (it’s also rather funny too!)

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