Posted by: medicblog999 | August 14, 2009

He aint heavy…….

I have mentioned in recent posts, how I tend to take ‘everything in with me’ for most jobs when I am working on the car. That has served me well so far and has seen me through a few situations which may have turned out to be not so positive if I had only taken my first response bag in with me.

I have also wrote about praying to the god of common sense for family members to come and open the gate or door for me when I am walking into the address. This isn’t because I ‘expect’ to be shown in, but rather because my hands are full of equipment.

Some of my colleagues still see working on the Rapid Response car ‘an easy alternative’ to working on a crew in an ambulance because there is less opportunities to lift patients. In that respect, they are right, however, I tend to choose to help lifting patients and take turns with the chair when a crew arrives and removes a patient from the house. It not only helps my friends, but it also shows the road crews that when on the car, we are not just there for an easy ride.

All in all, working on the car can be just as heavy as on the ambulance. I thought I would show you what I have to carry in on most of the jobs I go to:


In my left hand, I have the green oxygen bag, which contains a D size oxygen cylinder, an adult and paediatric bag and mask set and a selection of oro-pharyngeal airways and oxygen masks. I also have hold of the patient report form ‘board’ (we have been waiting for our electronic patient care record for quite some time but it hasn’t arrived yet)

In my right hand, I have my trusty lifepack 12 and over my shoulder I have the large responder bag which contains a multitude of equipment which I may well need on various jobs.

With these in my hands I have to shut the boot (trunk!) on the car, lock the doors and then try and negotiate my way to the patient without knocking over a priceless heirloom handed down over generations! i havent weighed it all, but I can tell you that it all adds up to a considerable weight.

So as you can see, it isnt all that of a cushy job working on the car!!

Oh, and by the way, I am not some sort of freak of nature with teeny tiny legs and a huge chest and head. It was just the angle the photo was taken at….honest!



  1. A few more years of that and you will be a man of steel. Then you won’t need gates and doors because you’ll be able to walk through walls.

  2. We have a similar set up down our way Mark, and I am of a similar nature to you, if you take it in and don’t need it then its a bonus.

    I was a sad annorak one night we have one of these ‘book clubs’ on station (that seems to sell everything bar books!!) and one of the items on offer a particular month was a luggage weigher, the sort where you hang your suitcase on the hook and lift it up by the weigher.

    I did the 2 bags and the lifepack individually and added them together, came to 26kg if memory serves me right.

  3. Life pak 12? Airwave? Well designed car??!! Maybe I’ll move north when I hit the road! What about drugs?

  4. I’m not so sure about the not having small legs/big chest argument – didn’t look that way on TV last night…bad camera angle? 😉

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