Posted by: medicblog999 | August 8, 2009

Its just all to much hard work!

I have decided that camping is fab! Although I need to invest in a few other gadgets before we go again. And before you ask, yes, it was only for one night! We had to see how little man would take to it, as well as our friends wife!

The conclusion was a resounding success, so we are planning for a long weekend away before the end of the summer. I did of course get the sighs of exacberation when I ended up chatting to one of our rural community paramedics who just so happened to be around the corner to the lovely little country pub that we were having lunch in.

Sighs came from everyone except little man, who by this time was absolutely shattered and couldnt keep his eyes open any longer. It just so happened that there was a handy window seat just behind the table that made a great temporary bed! Notice though …. Saftey First!….. a nice little chair barrier so that he didnt roll off. See, that 3 months I spent as a nurse in a local nursing home paid off!

All together now…1, 2, 3…… Ahhhhhh!


And, as a bonus, we got to eat dinner in peace. Yeah!!!



  1. ahhh now for lmao this may interest you

  2. Glad to hear you’re back and that you didn’t get eaten by… um…

    Do you Brits have any animals that can eat you over there? I should really Google that…

  3. If you enjoyed camping that much join the Scouts we go camping all the time, not to mention get together as a Medical team for at least one Jamboree (large camp of a few thousand scouts) every year!

    Always a great laugh even when its busy, the kids REALLY appreciate the humour to take their minds off things 🙂

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